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2019 New Mazda 6 Review

The Mazda 6, available as a saloon or estate is a stylish vehicle equally at home as a business vehicle or a family car. There was a time when the Mazda6 was considered a less desirable alterative to rivals like the Ford Mondeo but it has evolved and come a long way in the last few years.

Autonomous | Self Driving Car Levels 0-5 Explained

Autonomous or self-driving cars are not some fanciful sci-fi dream any more, we are well on the way to seeing them on UK roads. With car companies like Honda, Nissan, Audi and Tesla investing heavily in research and self-driving technology, Hyundai another key player has partnered with hi-tech company Aurora in their bid to produce their first fully autonomous vehicle.

VED | Road Tax Rates And Increases 2019

It may have gone a little under the radar somewhat, but as outlined in  the government's budget, VED charges will increase in April 2019 again, in-line with inflation. In real terms what does that mean for motorists and how much will you be paying?  ......

ULEZ - Ultra Low Emissions Zone Info

What is the new ULEZ Charge? ULEZ or Ultra Low Emissions Zone is replacing London’s T-Charge and will come into operation from 8th April 2019. Note that the ULEZ charge it is in addition to London’s Congestion Charge.

2019 Renault Clio Release Date And Info

The revised Renault Clio will be hitting UK showrooms in 2019 and while we don’t have a firm release date yet, expectations are for the new Clio to be available by the 3rd quarter of 2019 and possibly even as soon as the backend of the 2nd quarter of 2019.

2019 Ford Mondeo - Sneak Preview

Ford has confirmed there will be a refreshed version of the Ford Mondeo in 2019 which makes perfect sense given that other manufacturers have already or plan to refresh rival vehicles like the Mazda6, VW Passat and Vauxhall Insignia. Full details of the revised 2019 Mondeo have yet to be disclosed in full, but we are being drip-fed information from various sources of what to expect.

2019 Ford Kuga New Line-up

Order books are open for the all-new 2019 (2019.25MY) Ford Kuga range. The revised range features a new trim-level structure, with some models ‘renamed’ with new, improved levels of equipment.

New Car Delivery Lead Times Explained

At UK Car Discount we are committed to ensuring the estimated delivery date of your new car is as accurate as possible. However please be aware that on rare occasions delays may occur due to circumstances beyond our control.

Top 5 New Cars Deals For 2019

We’re expecting some changes in the new car market in 2019, some of the UK’s favourites cars have been given a new twist and some much-anticipated updated models are expected to hit the sweet the spot in 2019. Here are our top 5 picks of new car deals, some are available to order right now for March 2019 delivery on the new 19 plate and some coming soon in 2019.

AdBlue And How Your Diesel Car Benefits From It

If you are familiar with the Euro 6 Emissions Standards and the more stringent ‘real world’ testing for emissions and harmful particulates you’ll understand the car manufacturers quest for cleaner new cars and in particular cleaner diesels.  If you a buying a new diesel car there’s a very good chance it will be equipped with an AdBlue system.

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