New Car Financing Information

Firstly all our vehicles advertised are available to purchase outright and are not tied to taking out a finance agreement to obtain the discount.

We do however offer some great finance options to enable customer to buy a new car on finance.

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The most common form of financing a vehicle is on HP which you can do by selecting your chosen vehicle, then click on Offer Details. Once you have selected the Finance Quotation tab you can then vary the term and deposit to suit your budget. On our HP product there are no additional admin or document fees.

For a Lease purchase quotation you will need to call the office with your annual mileage, deposit and term. We will then e-mail you a quotation for your consideration with no hidden or additional admin or document fees.

Contract hire quotations are also available by contacting by phone or email.

We can provide quotes for Personal Loan, Hire Purchase, Lease Purchase, Personal and Business Contract Hire. Once you have selected your chosen new vehicle just give the office a call on 0161 946 3500 and we can discuss your requirements and run through the application procedure.

Purchase A New Car With A Personal Loan

Personal loans are not secured against the vehicle you buy which means you own the vehicle from the start. You make equal monthly payments over the loan period which can be from one year up to 5 years to suit your budget.

Buy A New Car With A Hire Purchase Agreement

HP is one of the most common methods of funding a new car. In most cases the loan is secured against the car so you do not own the car until you have made the final payment. Minimum deposit is usually around £500 and the available term is from one up to a maximum of five years. HP finance is great for budgeting, the interest rate is fixed so you know exactly how much you have to pay every month. If you are a business owner all the interest payments are allowable against tax and a proportion of the vehicle value can be written down.

Lease Purchase Your New Vehicle

This product is available to private individuals and business users. This product allows reduced monthly payments than HP by choosing a final balance to pay at the end of the agreement. The final balloon payment is calculated by the lender based on the re sale value of the vehicle at the end of the agreement. At the end of the agreement you can pay the final balloon payment to own the vehicle or you can part exchange/sell the vehicle to pay the balance. This product is popular with small businesses as you can claim all the interest payments against tax and a proportion of the value can be written down against profits.

Contract Hire - A Convenient Way To Drive A New Car With Fixed Monthly Costs

Businesses and individuals can apply for contract hire over a fixed period of 2-4 years and the payments are based on the estimated mileage per annum. The vehicle remains the property of the hire company at all times and you hand it back at the end of the agreement, no responsibility for disposing of the vehicle. You can opt for the fixed cost motoring to include road tax, maintenance, servicing and tyres in your monthly cost. Renting the vehicle is the Ideal plan for customers who want to change their car every few years. If you are registered for VAT your business may reclaim all or some of the VAT payable.

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