Green Flash 70 Plate For Zero Emissions Electric Cars

Published Date: 26th Sep 2020

The new 70 plate registration will a welcome in a new era of green flash number plates for new electric cars.  The new style car registration plates will only be available for vehicles with zero emissions as a special ‘green’ mark to easily identify full electric vehicles.

front and rear green flash electric car plates

The green number plates are part of an overall government strategy to expediate its target of achieving net zero emissions by 2050.

The government is also investing heavily in green vehicle technology with an initial £12 million of finding for research into the latest cutting-edge zero emissions vehicle and charging technology.

VW e-Golf with green flash registration plate

As part of its investment the goverment launched a ‘Zero Emission Vehicle Innovation Competition’ that invites industry innovators and tech experts to bid  for funding to support further research and advancements in full electric and hydrogen powered vehicles.

Applicants can also apply for funding to support research and advancements in the latest state of the art charging infrastructure.

Nissan Leaf with green flash plate

It’s been suggested that generous scrappage schemes could provide an even more effective incentive for motorists to speed up the green car revolution on UK roads and it’s been muted that the government could offer up to £6000 incentives for drivers to ditch their old petrol/diesel car for a new electric vehicle.

The new ‘green flash’ number plates should also make it easier for vehicles to be identified by local councils who will be increasingly likely to incentivise zero emissions cars by placing tariffs on non-electric cars in low or zero emissions zones.

Local authorities could also offer other incentives like cheaper parking in city centres for electric car owners.