Toyota RAV4 Hybrid AWD Intelligent System Explained

Published Date: 22nd Sep 2020

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid AWD-iTo disregard the Toyota RAV4 as another ‘jacked up’ passenger car would be a mistake. The combination of a sophisticated chassis, the latest technology, and intelligent all-wheel drive systems make the Toyota RAV4 AWD a vehicle that can tackle more than a town centre.

The RAV4’s sophisticated AWD system can keep your vehicle on the straight and narrow in some of the most demanding conditions that would be not be possible with many of the urban SUVs you see in the marketplace today. So, let’s take a look at the at how the system works ….

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Models AWD-i

If you are looking at an all-wheel drive RAV4, the first thing to note is you’ll need to skip the entry-level Icon model which is only available with the 2WD petrol unit.

RAV4 AWD-i Hybrid diagramThe new RAV4 AWD Hybrid combines the Toyota Hybrid engine and traditional motor that powers the front wheels with a second, rear-mounted electric motor powering the rear wheels.

The dual motors allow torque to be distributed between all four wheels resulting in improved traction and stability. The intelligent control system also monitors driving conditions and adjusts the torque distribution for optimal handling, traction, and efficiency, hence the name All-Wheel Drive with intelligence (AWD-i).

Under normal road/driving conditions the RAV4’s control system will distribute most of the torque to the front wheels which delivers the most fuel-efficient and economical option. However, if the system detects the need for more traction at the rear, for example if the front wheels are slipping, it will deliver the exact amount of required torque using the rear motor for optimal stability and grip.

The goal of the system is to combine high levels of safety and vehicle control with fuel efficiency.

The Toyota RAV4’s intelligent system can deliver up to 60% of it’ power through the rear motor making hill starts or driving in the wet, snow, ice or other low traction scenarios a much better proposition with improved control.

The E-Four Hybrid can shift the torque distribution between axles for delivering a sportier experience via sport mode.

The Hybrid AWD-I also delivers additional towing abilities with a braked towing capacity of 1650 KG.