Frequently Asked Questions

Vehicle Registration Process

Most of our supplying dealers are able to register vehicles in your name as the 1st registered keeper. However, certain manufacturers do stipulate alternative ways to apply the discounts. 

Sometimes if we bulk order vehicles, manufacturers insist they are registered to us to secure substantial discount support. Please note we will tell you if the vehicle is registered to us and then switched to you on delivery.

Some customers get confused with ownership and the V5C registered keeper document - Please read the article in the link, which provides a clear distinction:

Price protection is very limited at the moment due to the cost of materials increasing on a daily basis and delays in build slots at the factory.

Several manufacturers will only offer to protect the price for stock vehicles where delivery has been booked and confirmed.

Where a vehicle is delayed due to production issues or component shortages and transferred to the next model year, you will have to pay the price for the new model year, unfortunately. On a positive note, you will receive the latest generation car with the up-to-date model/technology.

The saving should be similar, but we will let you know of any price change, and if you decide you do not want the newer model we will refund your deposit. 

All our vehicles are supplied with the standard manufacturer’s warranty and roadside assistance package. The minimum warranty period is usually three years, but some manufacturers have extended this term. For example, Toyota offers a five-year warranty, and Kia offers a seven-year warranty (Mileage restricted and subject to terms, available on the Manufacturer's websites).

We no longer have the facility to re-sell second-hand vehicles. However, customers seem to obtain the best prices from online car-buying companies.

We have teamed up with 'Motorway', which uses a network of over 3000 dealers to get the best price for your used vehicle; just put your registration number in the box on our part exchange page.

The process is easy, there are no fees, and you are under no obligation to sell the vehicle without reviewing the offers first.

If the vehicle sales price is below £20k, the reservation fee is £500.  If the vehicle sales price is above £20k the reservation fee is £1000. 

The only exception to this rule is high-value vehicles or highly personalised factory order cars with a high value of options; in this instance, we will usually request £3k+ as a reservation fee to secure the vehicle. 

The reservation fee is the only money you pay until the vehicle arrives at your address, and you pay the balance of the total vehicle cost on receipt of your new car.


Before taking your order, we will check the availability with the manufacturer. If we can locate a vehicle in dealer stock, it could be 7-14 days delivery, but if we factory order a car to your specification will be considerably longer. 3 to 6 months would be a sensible guide, but we will confirm with the manufacturer before we take your order.

Please note we often have access to stock cars, so feel free to ask, and we will check if there is anything close to your chosen specification

All new vehicles will be fully registered and taxed for 12 months when they are delivered, if we locate a stock vehicle or a car that's already registered we will confirm the tax position before delivery.

We will confirm the vehicle registration number so you can arrange your insurance and email us a copy of the certificate or cover note so we can register and tax the car before delivery to you.

All the vehicles we supply on the website come with free driven delivery to your home address.

Please note the vehicle could be delivered by the processing dealer (the dealer who has prepared the car before delivery).

It is essential to note the vehicle is unlikely to be supplied by your local franchise dealer, so it will have some delivery mileage and the mileage related to the pre-delivery inspection road test, which is compulsory for all new cars.

The majority of main dealer groups impose a surcharge for delivery to some remote areas (Scotland).  We will confirm the cost price (if applicable) when we receive your address, and you are ready to order your new car. 

We have delivered thousands of cars via the standard driven delivery method, but we can obtain a cost price for fully transported delivery.

Some customers prefer their new car to be delivered by a transporter, all you need to do is ask for a cost when we call you to arrange delivery, and you can then decide either way.

Please note some electric vehicles must be delivered by transporter, so if you order an electric car, we will confirm if there is an associated cost for transported delivery once the car has been allocated to the dealer.

We offer the safer way to pay policy

Once you receive your vehicle you check it over and once you are happy make the final payment.This will activate your car insurance, as by paying for the car, you gain the insurable interest required to drive the car legally.

Please note payment is by bank transfer on the day of delivery, and we will provide you with our account name, sort code and account number when we book the car for delivery we will also confirm our bank details over the phone with you. 

Banking systems have changed in the last few years; there is an additional security check when you enter bank account details into your online banking system as it will perform a security check to ensure the bank details entered match our payee name, "uk car discount".

Due to the value of your final payment, we cannot accept debit or card payments for the final balance payment as "card not present" transactions above £1,000 will be rejected by banking security systems.

Online or internet banking payments are the safest and fastest method to make your final payment.

If you have any questions or need help confirming our bank details, call 0161 946 3500, and we will read them out to you so you can confirm they match.

All new cars have the standard manufacturer's roadside assistance package; if you call the office on 0161 946 3500, we can give you the contact details; all you will need is your vehicle registration to contact them for help.

If you have a non-urgent issue with your car, call our office, and we will help and advise you on how best to deal with it. 

All vehicles are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, which allows you to take the vehicle to any franchise dealership for assessment and repair.

The critical thing is if you take your new car to your local dealer and are asked where you purchased it, simply say the name of the dealership on your numberplate or the paperwork with the car, as this will ensure you receive good service locally and avoids any unnecessary discussion as to why you purchased it on-line rather than from your local dealer.

Everyone shops for the lowest price, so it's just about managing your relationship with your local dealer service department to ensure the best outcome.

Call us anytime on 0161 946 3500, and we will be happy to help and provide guidance.

Yes, you can take your new car to any dealer in the UK for warranty work, and they will simply invoice the manufacturer once the work is completed to your satisfaction.

If you have any questions or need help or guidance throughout your ownership of the car, call our office on 0161 946 3500, and we will be happy to help.

If you want to save money on routine servicing and maintenance, you no longer need to have your vehicle serviced at a franchise dealer.

See the article below, for more information

How to save money servicing your new car!

Call the office on 0161 946 3500, and we will confirm the delivery timescale for your vehicle and answer any questions about the buying process. 

We need your address details to register and deliver the vehicle and a reservation fee (usually £1,000 for most cars) payable by credit/debit card or bank transfer.

Our friendly sales team will be happy to discuss the process and answer all questions.

Once you have placed your order, we will send it to the manufacturer or dealer and e-mail you a copy to check and confirm everything is correct.

The manufacturer or dealer will process the order and send confirmation of the estimated arrival or build date for your vehicle. 

We will only process and take your reservation fee and e-mail a receipt when the details are confirmed.

If you have any questions throughout the process, call 0161 946 3500, and we will be happy to help.