Coronavirus MOT Extension Date | Details

From 30th March, drivers with a pending MOT will get a six-month ‘Coronavirus’ extension. The government has granted the extension in order to reduce person to person contact in the ongoing fight against COVID-19. You can read the official government guidelines on the Coronavirus MOT extension here.

MOT Test CentreWhat does this mean if your MOT is due before the 30th March? … If your MOT is due before 30th March you will still need to get your vehicle MOT’d.

What if I think something maybe wrong with my vehicle or it needs repair? … The government has stated that you are still responsible for keeping the vehicle in roadworthy condition. If your car has any obvious issues, and the vehicle is needed for essential travel you should still check what your options are and if you can take the vehicle to a mechanic/garage for repair.

What vehicles are covered by the MOT extension? …  The MOT extension applies to cars, motorcycles and light vans.

Car Mechanic working on carWhat about MOT Centres, can they stay open after 30th March? ... If you own or run a MOT centre, the government says you can stay open after 30 March, this is for MOT retests, vehicles whose MOT ran-out before 30th March and for ‘essential repair work'.

What are the best practises for owners and staff at MOT Centres and Garages? ... Adhere to the ‘best practise’ guidelines, staff should only attend the workplace to carry our essential work. If anyone feels unwell with a high-temperature and/or persistent cough, government advise is to self-isolate for a minimum of 7 days.

If after 7 days, your fever has gone you should be safe to return work. If you still have a cough (but no fever) after 7 days the government advice is you do not need to self-isolate. A cough can last for several days, even weeks after the infection has gone. You can read the official government advice on self-isolation here.