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RDE vs RDE 2 - Real Driving Emissions Testing Explained

What Does RDE stand for? RDE stands for Real Driving Emissions, RDE testing was introduced in 2017 for new cars because the existing laboratory emissions tests were found to be unrealistic when compared with real world driving. RDE 1 is part of the EURO 6 standard and testing was made mandatory in 2019.

Top 5 7 Seater New Cars | Best Deals

If you have a large or extended family and you are looking for more than 5 seats you are not just limited to an MPV these days as there are also some spacious 7-seat SUVs available. A 7-seat vehicle can also be especially useful for transporting large items, fold the seats down and you have van-like storage space available.

Top 5 AWD, 4WD, 4X4 New Cars - Best Deals

If your day to day driving is a little more demanding than a quick around town trip, you may be looking for a 4WD/AWD vehicle. There are some subtle differences between 4x4 or AWD, but both achieve the same thing i.e. driving all four wheels at once.

Green Flash 70 Plate For Zero Emissions Electric Cars

The new 70 plate registration will a welcome in a new era of green flash number plates for electric cars.  The new style car registration plates will only be available for vehicles with zero emissions as a special ‘green’ mark to easily identify full electric vehicles.

New Audi A3 Available To Order Now

The all-new Audi A3 Sportback and Saloon is available to order right now. The new A3 will feature a mild hybrid engine for the time and a significant interior makeover, while new exterior styling is more subtle.

2020 Ford Puma Trim Levels and Specs Compared

The Puma is Ford’s stylish looking compact SUV built on the same platform as the Fiesta. It is a wider, longer version of the Fiesta if you like, so interior space is closer to that of the Ford Focus.

Top 5 70 Plate New Car Deals

html { scroll-behavior: smooth; } Are you in the market for a new car? Here are our top 5 recommended 70 plate new car deals: Nissan Qashqai - The UK's best-selling crossover Ford Focus - Best selling medium hatchback in the UK Ford Puma - A new stylish compact SUV Ford Fiesta - Britain's best selling car Renault Kadjar - A stylish mid-sized SUV   Nissan Qashqai –...

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid AWD Intelligent System Explained

To disregard the Toyota RAV4 as another ‘jacked up’ passenger car would be a mistake. The combination of a sophisticated chassis, the latest technology, and intelligent all-wheel drive systems make the Toyota RAV4 AWD a vehicle that can tackle more than a town centre.

Ten Reasons To Purchase A New Car

Thinking of buying a new car but not sure if you want to take the plunge or hang onto your existing vehicle for another year or two? Here are the top ten reasons to purchase a new car: No unscheduled repair costs No MOT for three years Increasingly generous warranty terms Save on roadside assistance fees and take advantage of other incentives New cars can offer significantly lower running...

Coronavirus MOT Extension Date | Details

From 30th March, drivers with a pending MOT will get a six-month ‘Coronavirus’ extension. The government has granted the extension in order to reduce person to person contact in the ongoing fight against COVID-19. You can read the official government guidelines on the Coronavirus MOT extension here.

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