Ten Reasons To Purchase A New Car

Thinking of buying a new car but not sure if you want to take the plunge or hang onto your existing vehicle for another year or two?

Here are the top ten reasons to purchase a new car:

  1. No unscheduled repair costs
  2. No MOT for three years
  3. Increasingly generous warranty terms
  4. Save on roadside assistance fees and take advantage of other incentives
  5. New cars can offer significantly lower running costs
  6. Superior safety features & improved comfort/convenience
  7. Many new cars feature the latest semi-autonomous driving tech
  8. Get the latest entertainment systems and integration with your smartphone
  9. New low emissions cars can save you the cost of tariffs for entering low emission zones
  10. Do your bit for the environment with a cleaner new car


No Unscheduled Repair Costs

With a new car there will not be any surprise repair costs. As your existing car ages and is out of warranty, there is always the chance something can break. If you have a major issue like a blown head gasket the cost of repair can be significant and something you haven’t budgeted for.

No MOT for Three Years

MOT CentreObviously with a new car you will not have a MOT for the first three years. That saves you the cost and trouble of having to work your schedule around dropping off and picking up the vehicle from the MOT centre and crossing your fingers that the bill will be minimal.

Generous Warranties on New Cars

The competition between car manufacturers means warranties are increasingly generous, Hyundai tops the list offering a 7 year/100,000 miles warranty. There are also many manufacturers offering 5-year warranties including Renault, Toyota, Mitsubishi and Hyundai.

These generous warranties mean you have got several years of peace of mind that you’ll be covered for the vast majority of faults and breakdowns, making budgeting much easier.

Free Roadside Assistance and Other Incentives

Roadside assistanceIt is commonplace to get a free roadside assistance package when buying a new car. Other incentives can include free insurance for 12 months, 0% interest and other sweeteners.

Significantly Lower Running Costs

Even the latest petrol and diesel cars offer significantly lower running costs than their older counterparts. Technology is advancing fast and like-for-like with a new car you’ll get much better fuel economy, significantly lower emissions without sacrificing performance.

Take the plunge with a plug-in hybrid or full electric and you can take low running costs to a new level.

Superior Safety and Comfort

Be as safe as possible, if your car is aging, a new car is almost certainly going to offer much better levels of safety and that means peace of mind for you and your family.

Newer cars will also offer better comforts, from heated seats to dual zone climate control, equipment levels are improving all the time. Even some entry-level models will pack a surprisingly long-list of equipment and comforts these days.

Autonomous Driving Tech

Parking AssistAutonomous driving technology is advancing quickly, if you want to take advantage of the latest driver aids and tech then a new car can offer you a long list of the latest driver tech.

Features including radar cruise control, speed and steering assistance, automatic emergency braking, pedestrian detection, lane keeping assistance, blind spot monitoring and traffic sign recognition …. the list of safety and driver assistance features can be long, especially if you go for a higher-grade model.

Parking tech can even parallel park a car for you now and if the worst were to happen the latest cars can automatically call the emergency services and send your GPS location.

The Latest Entertainment Systems & Smartphone Integration

It almost unheard now for a new car not to have Bluetooth integration/handsfree phone calls/music streaming and many have an integrated touchscreen/entertainment system that can mirror your smartphone screen and offer a host of features that your old car may be lacking.

Other features often integrated with a touch screen are a reversing camera and some cars even have 360 around view cameras.

A lot of manufacturers have also been rolling out smartphone companion apps that mean you can remotely access some of the vehicles features, for example you can lock/unlock the doors, start the engine and heat the interior..

Avoid Low Emissions Tariffs

Electric car chargingA lot of town centres are planning to follow the example of London’s ULEZ (Ultra Low Emissions Zone) charging tariffs for cars that do not meet a low emission ceiling. Buying a new hybrid or full electric car could mean savings in the future and avoidance of such tariffs.

Do Your Bit for The Environment With A Cleaner Vehicle

Finally, you could consider that you would be reducing your carbon footprint and contributing to a cleaner environment with a newer car. Even a new petrol or diesel will offer low emissions and be less harmful to the environment than your old car.

If you can afford it and are particularly concerned about the environment, you can do your bit by looking at a full electric vehicle or even a plug-in hybrid as a stepping-stone towards a full electric car in the future.

You can start your search for a new car deal here.