How It Works

Have you read our Guide to Buying a new car online? We look at some of the pro's and con's of buying a new car online and how to get round them. We also dispell a few myths about buying your new car online with UK Car Discount Ltd. Click here to go to the Buying page.

How the UK Car Discount new car buying experience works We appreciate for many people buying a New Car on the Internet is a completely new experience and whilst our staff are happy to explain the detail we have listed below the procedure for you so you are aware of each and every step in the process. We've produced a useful guide to buying a car online to help put your mind at rest over a number of potential concerns.

Register on the site at our by clicking Login and this will allow you to save cars that you have searched and configured so that you can review them again without any fuss. Using the New Car Search facility, identify the brand, price range and other specifications of the new car you are interested in buying and save the details once you are happy.

Many vehicles are available from manufacturers or dealer stock (normally 10-14 days). However feel free to call one of our sales advisors on 0845 170 7770 with your chosen make, model and colour choice of new car. We will then call the manufacturer for an estimated delivery date for your new vehicle.

At the point you are happy with the price quoted and want to order we require confirmation of your contact details and a £500* deposit. If you are taking advantage of our finance plans we will take the details required for acceptance. See ways to pay
Note *If your vehicle costs over £20,000 you will be asked for a £1,000 deposit.

Written confirmation of the order is sent to you with a receipt for the payment and confirmation of the vehicle details. It is essential that you check your written order to confirm the vehicle and registration name and address details have been processed correctly.

At the point your vehicle leaves the Manufacturer it is allocated to a Franchise Dealer where it will undergo its comprehensive Pre-Delivery Inspection & valet at which point we will contact you with a registration number and book delivery with you.

The vehicle is registered, taxed and delivered by the supplying dealer free. On delivery we ask you to inspect the vehicle and make sure it is exactly what you ordered. Once you are happy with the vehicle all we ask is you call the delivery department to confirm you have accepted delivery. You don't pay a penny until this point (unlike lots of other dealers, we don't take final payment until your new car is delivered to your door).

Once you have spoken to the delivery team they will ask accounts to confirm receipt of payment and issue you with a final invoice. The final VAT invoice will show the vehicle has been paid for in full and title transferred.See ways to pay.

Buying a car online is too risky
We dispell some common myths about buying a car over the internet

If you have any questions about the buying process please call one of our Sales Advisors who will be happy to talk you through the process in detail.

We want you to feel totally comfortable so that you understand the process we work to and are happy with your new-car-buying expericence through UK Car Discount.