Ways To Pay

Ways to pay

To order your new car and secure the price quoted all we require is payment of a deposit. If the vehicle cost is below £20,000 you will require £500. Any vehicle over £20,000 will attract £1000 deposit. Most customers will use a credit, debit card or bank transfer to do this.

Please note that the balance of your purchase price is payable on delivery only when you have inspected your new vehicle and when you are absolutely happy. The Balance payment must be made by same day Internet Bank Transfer, Bankers Draft or Chaps payment. If you require finance, we can provide you with a very competitive finance package to suit your budget, simply give us a call on 0161 946 3500 to discuss any possible financial packages UK Car Discount can arrange.


Make your new car deposit payment using your Credit card by calling our office number 0161 946 3500 and speaking to one of our sales staff . We will require your quote reference number to run through the vehicle details and confirm price. Make sure you have your card to hand as we'll need to take the details from you. Payment will only be taken from your card once we have received confirmation of your order from the manufacturer.

The safest way to pay your deposit when ordering your new car is by credit card. You have the backing of your credit card company to safeguard your purchase.


Most of the banks have signed up to the fast pay system these days which allows you to transfer money quickly between accounts. We will provide our bank details should you wish to pay the deposit or final balance using this method. There should be no charge from your own bank for using the fast pay service. However some banks have a daily transaction limit so check with your bank first, they sometimes try to charge you a same day transaction fee of £25. To avoid paying the fee you can split the payment by paying half the day before delivery and the balance when you have taken delivery.

We are more than happy for you to pay for your vehicle in full on the day of delivery and we are merely offering the above payment option if you wish to avoid the £25 bank charge for same day transactions.


Make your deposit payment using your Debit card by calling the office number 0161 946 3500 and speaking to one of our sales staff. Make sure you have your quote number and debit card to hand as we'll need to take the details from you. Payment will only be taken from your debit card once we have received confirmation of your order from the manufacturer. Uk Car Discount do not make any charge to you for using your debit card to pay the deposit. Please Note we can’t accept debit card for the final balance.


We understand that not everyone has internet banking and maybe drawing the money from a different bank or building society account. You will need to get the bankers draft a few days before delivery and send a photo copy to admin AT uk-car-discount DOT co DOT uk the day before the vehicle is delivered. We will provide our bank details for you to pay the draft into so make your Bankers Draft payable to UK-Car-Discount Ltd.


Some banks will offer a same day chaps payment which they normally charge you up to £25 for the privilege. You will have to contact your bank a few days before to set up the payment and on the day of delivery ring the branch to activate the payment after you have taken delivery of the new vehicle. We will provide you with our account details.

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Unlike a lot of other internet companies, we only require the balance once the new car has been delivered to your home or place of work and you are totally happy. The same day final balance payment is only acceptable by using Internet Fastpay, Bank Draft or Chaps. We can’t accept Credit or Debit cards for the final balance due to security implications. Our bank details will be provided prior to delivery.

If you have taken advantage of the cheap new car finance, the payment is made on your behalf direct from the lender prior to delivery.

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