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Toyota Knocked off the Top Spot by Volkswagen

Japanese car maker Toyota failed to beat Volkswagen in Global sales for 2016, falling short by around 130,000 vehicles German Car-Giant Volkswagen sold more vehicles globally than Japanese rival Toyota for 2016, taking the crown as the world's largest carmaker in the process, the 1st time VW group has achieved this feat.

The 2017 Toyota Yaris gets a new look.

The newly face lifted Toyota Yaris has been revealed with a new design elements, a new engine, new trim levels and upgraded technology. Upgrades for the Yaris include a new 1.5 litre naturally aspirated petrol engine that will replace the aging 1.33 litre. The new engine produces 110bhp and 100lb ft of torque with a 0-60 time of 11.0 seconds, with improved fuel economy and lower emissions.

17 year high for new cars built in the UK

Record levels of Exports for the second year in a row, more than 1.35 million cars shipped abroad More than one in every two cars is exported to Europe, the single biggest trade partner A grand total of 1.7 million cars built in the UK throughout 2016, beating 2015 by 8.

New Ford Focus Zetec upgrades for 2017

We have seen some recent improvements and adjustments to the Ford Focus range, and now Ford has confirmed the addition of the Zetec Edition to the model line-up, effective for all models built from 6th February 2017 onwards.

New Skoda Superb – A huge hit for 2016

Skoda enjoyed record sales in 2016 and the Superb saw a rise in sales of over 73 percent. Skoda has been celebrating a record 2016 in terms of sales and profit, a large slice of the success was down to the release of the New Skoda Superb. It set new records and even outsold the Octavia in some markets.

Speeding fines set to rise in April

The speeding fines are changing on the 24th of April this year, for those serious offenders this could mean an increase of 50% on the previous system. The Sentencing Council has published all new guidelines that will be implemented in magistrates courts across England and Wales. Alongside the new guidelines for excessive speeding, new sentencing is introduced for animal cruelty and TV laws.

Plans for new cars, no MOT for four years?

Every new car and motorcycle could no longer require an MOT test for the first 4 years of their life under new government plans to save the public more than £100 million every year. The Transport minister Andrew Jones has revealed proposals to extend the new car MOT free period of 3 years to 4.

Don’t Delay in Ordering your New Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

Ordering a new Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV sooner rather than later will save you a small fortune. Whether you looking to order today, tomorrow or next week you need to consider how much you can save by grabbing yourself a stock car from UK Car Discount.

New Generation Ford Fiesta is Extraordinary

Ford has released details of the latest generation Ford Fiesta and it looks Extraordinary to say the least This New Ford Fiesta offers a fresh approach to the UK best seller of the last decade – billed as the most technologically advanced small car in the world– at an exclusive event in Cologne, Germany.

A New Engine from Mazda with no spark plugs?

The Japanese car maker, Mazda, is going to introduce a new engine to the range at the end of 2018 that can generate 30% better fuel economy by using pressure, without a spark plug in sight, to ignite the fuel. While Mazda is still developing environmentally friendly vehicles with zero emissions for the future, they also believe that petrol power will still be around.

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