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Volvo loses home advantage as the VW Golf Takes Top Spot

For over 50 years a Volvo has been the best-selling car in Sweden, but in 2016 the VW Golf has taken the top spot by a slim margin. Sweden has been a strong patron of Volvo when it comes to buying new cars, and this has been the case for the last 50 years. 2016 was another good year for Volvo but they gave away the top selling car spot to VW in the shape of the Golf.

New Car News from CES 2017

The Show was once a showcase of consumer home electronics like Computers and Televisions but now with every new car being more and more technologically advanced, most of the big car manufacturers now show up displaying their latest innovations on four wheels.

New For 2017 The Skoda Octavia vRS facelift

Towards the end of November Skoda announced the new Octavia range for 2017 with promises of an updated vRS model for 2017. Now we have our first peek at the performance large family car available as an estate or saloon. The New 2017 Skoda Octavia vRS The Ford Focus ST rival has received a redesign with extra technology and a little extra power from the 2.0L TSI.

Volvo Brings Life Paint back to the shelves

Volvo is not only thinking about the safety of its drivers and cars but for those that prefer to cycle. The safety spray is purely designed to increase the visibility and safety of cyclists on the road during these short days. Available to buy and order online for the very first time, the release coincides with the shortest day of the year - Wednesday the 21st of December.

The very last Bugatti Veyron Super Sport goes under the hammer

When this extremely rare Bugatti hyper car first rolled off the production line in 2013, the super sport variant would've cost a cool £1.2 million. What make this car special is the chassis number and serial number. It was number 300 out of 300 ever made the serial number matches the last three digits of the chassis number.

SMMT Announces UK Car Market Growth of 2.9 % for November 2017

Car registrations in the UK hit 184,101 units for November, which is an increase of 2.9% compared to same period in 2015 the market increasing by a steady 2.9%, according to the latest figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders. The growth has helped deliver more than 2.

New Electric Cars could charge in minutes, not hours

A completely new take on electric cars could see charging times for owners considerably reduced to minutes rather than the hours it takes today. The company behind the project is Augmented Optics, they’ve revealed a new polymer based material that can charge a car just as fast as you can fill the tank with fuel.

New Seat Leon Cupra 300

The Seat Leon Cupra has always been the performance trim level within the Leon range, with striking design, top quality all at a great price-point.  All of this has now been taken to the next level with the announcement of the Cupra 300 range that will hit UK showrooms from March next year.

Toyota January Price Increase

Toyota is due to increase prices in the New Year because of market changes, the price increase still gives Toyota a competitive stance against competitors. Toyota are to introduce new 2017 models and pricing and following changes in market it has been essential to raise prices on a number of models.

UK Car Discount is Celebrating 200 Trustpilot Reviews

We work very hard to keep our customers happy and the milestone of 200 reviews makes us feel very proud. We started using Trustpilot to monitor and receive our customer reviews in the last few years so our 200 reviews represent a Trustpilot score of 9.8 out of 10, the highest of any new car retailer in the UK.