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Top 5 Best New Family MPV Cars 2017

A family MPV needs to offer space, comfort, practicality and low running costs. With the ever increasing demand for top Crossover vehicles that can offer most if not all of the aforementioned, the so-called traditional family cars like MPVs and large family hatchbacks/saloons face stiff competition.

Top 5 Best Superminis | Small Cars 2017

You’ll see more superminis on UK roads than any other car, with new superminis topping the best sellers every month. The Fiesta is Britain's best-selling new car, year on year leading the pack. Just about every taste and requirement is catered for with the vast range of superminis on offer and each model usually offers a wide spectrum of engine options and equipment.

Top 5 Best New Saloon Cars 2017

If you’re in the market for a new saloon car you’ll find the sector a lot less crowded since the SUV and Crossover revolution really gathered momentum in recent years. However there are still some very nice options available to you and if you’re looking for a more traditional car and are considering a saloon or hatchback you may also want to check out at our top 5 large...

Top 5 New Crossover Cars 2017

The now very popular crossover vehicle is celebrating 10 years since Nissan launched the Qashqai. Nissan’s pioneering Qashqai was really a gamble at the time without them really knowing for sure how it would be received. Needless to say since the first Quashai rolled off the production line, demand for crossovers has soared.

Top 5 New Large Family Hatchback Cars 2017

With the rise of SUV and Crossover, demand for large traditional hatchbacks has diminished significantly and if you are in the market for such a car you may be looking at limited options. So what are the best options out there for a spacious large hatchback family car that offers the best of both worlds for short or longer journeys.

Top 5 new cars with low tax and emissions

As we all know the road tax laws changed just recently meaning there will no more paying 20 or 30 pounds a year in road tax for a low emission new car. Only cars with zero emissions like the pure electric Nissan Leaf will attract a zero fee for VED. Every car will now have a standard rate of £140 (£130 for hybrid) per year after the first year rate.

Top 5 Compact SUV / Crossover New Car Deals

Crossover vehicles deliver many of the benefits of a 4x4 vehicle, a high driving position, excellent visibility and usually the option of 4WD combined with aspects of a family hatchback like a softer ride, lots of equipment and clever seating arrangements. You’ll usually find across the range numerous engine options with both 2WD and 4WD options available to you.

New Toyota Auris Hybrid Or A Prius ?

If you’re looking to purchase a hybrid and the new Toyota Prius is a little bit too expensive for you then won’t go far wrong with a a brand new Toyota Auris Hybrid. If you look at an entry-level model you could find the Auris as much as £2000 cheaper than the Prius whilst moving up the trim levels to the more equipped models you may find a saving of £3000-£4000 when...

New Car Spare Tyre

New Car Spare Wheel   BBC TV consumer programme Watchdog ran a story on the increasingly common practice of New Car Manufacturers deleting the spare wheel when producing new cars. All new car manufacturers are competing to obtain the lowest CO2 emission banding for their new vehicles and the trend is smaller, more powerful engines and reduced kerb weight and as a result the spare...

New Car Deals 2012

New Car Deals of the Day Uk car discount have some great new car deals so visit us at and look at some of the fantastic New Car Deals we have on our New Car Website.   A Selection of some of our best New Car offers for today are listed below: FORD FIESTA DIESEL HATCHBACK 1.

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