New Car 2014

Published Date: 19th Dec 2013

New Car 14 Plate Registration

We are taking lots of orders this week for the new 64 registration plate which commences 1st of September 2014.

The 1st of September 2014 is a Monday, so in reality most customers will receive delivery of their new car from Monday 1st of September.

If you are looking for a brand new car at huge discounts from the Manufacturer list price then the website is the number one place to visit.

When ordering a new car customers need to be aware that lead times can vary depending upon the availability and popularity of the vehicle.

New Cars are generally one of three places:

1 – Vehicle Holding Centre: Most manufacturers have a central holding point where vehicles arrive from factory and are available for distribution to dealer. If we can find you a vehicle here it would normally take 7-10 days for it to be allocated to a dealer and delivered to you.

2 – Pipeline Vehicles: This is where a vehicle is in the process of being built but has not yet left the factory, often we can find cars that match your requirements perfectly, or we catch a Manufacturer build slot and amend the colour and options to your personal specification. If we can find you a vehicle here arrival and delivery to you can range from 2 to 8 weeks depending upon where we catch the vehicle in the build cycle.

3 – Factory Order Vehicles: If you choose a new car with lots of Manufacturer fitted options such as Panoramic Sunroof, Keyless Entry or a Tow-bar the vehicle may have to be built to your own personal specification. This would mean we put the order to the respective Manufacturer and they will allocate the vehicle a build slot and produce your vehicle to your own colour and specification, In the case of a factory order the vehicle would normally take 10 to 12 weeks to arrive.

If you need a car by a certain date to fit with the disposal date of your present vehicle please call us on 0161 946 3500 as we can often find vehicle close to or matching your specification but containing an additional option such as a full size spare wheel or Rear Parking sensors.

We often receive calls from customers asking us to locate vehicles quickly and we have access to the same Manufacturer or Dealer unallocated stock that any main dealer can access but without the dealer price tag!

At uk car discount we think 2014 is going to be a huge year for New Car Sales and we are telling all our customers to get their New Car Order in as early as possible as the 1st of March is only 8 weeks into the New Year.

New Car registration dates for 2014 are the 14 Registration Plate which starts 1st of March 2014 and the 64 registration plate which starts on Monday 1st of September, so if you need a car for either of these dates the advice is to book early or talk to us about the availability of the car you are interested in buying.