More Problems For Toyota

Published Date: 9th Apr 2014

Toyota Recall 6 Millions Vehicles

Toyota is re-calling around 6.4 million vehicles, with a total of 35,124 of cars in the UK. This is due to 5 different issues on Toyota Cars.3.5 million cars are being recalled to replace the spiral cable attached to the driver’s side airbag. Toyota have realised that when turning the steering wheel it has the potential to damage the airbag to a point that it may not deploy in an accident.

Some other issues include: problems with seat rails, windscreen wipers, steering columns and a glitch with the engine starter that has the potential to start a fire. Toyota explained that they are not aware of any vehicle accidents, fatalities or injuries caused by these problems.

Although there have been 2 cases off engine fires caused by the engine starter issue. Toyota had this to say: “due to inefficiencies in the design of the starter motor relays, metallic particles might accumulate on the contacts within the relay”. They said. “that if the relays continue to be used, the particles could come away and enter the relay’s circuits and in the worst cases, this can lead to the starter relays catching fire”.

Arround 20,000 cars across 6 Toyota models and also the Subaru Trezia are being recalled to replace both engine starter relays and again the engine starter. Other Recalls are: 2.32 million vehicles recaleed over seat rail problems, 780,000 vehicles recalled because of a potential defect with the steering column bracket and almost 160,000 vehicles need new windscreen wiper motors.

This latest recall affects up to 27 different models. And is the 5th major recall that the company has suffered in recent months. Just recently in February Toyota recalled just less than 2 million Prius hybrid cars because of a software problem that makes the car slow down and lose power very suddenly.

Toyota overall of the past 2 years and a half has recalled over 25 million cars, due to faults and problems. Recalls in previous years have triggered criminal investigations by the US government, earlier this year Toyota agreed to pay US regulators £720million after a 4 year inquiry into safety issues.