New Volvo XC90 Revealed

There are many people awaiting the much anticipated arrival of the all new Volvo XC90, the image shown alongside this article is the latest released image from Volvo. This new version of the XC90 is to be even roomier inside and has new hybrid engines to boot. The image was captured on the first day of testing in Sweden, and will now go onto warm weather testing. The exclusive reveal was shown to a very small amount of privileged journalists at Volvo’s arctic test xc90 front

The brand new 7seat SUV comes with high hopes from Volvo, with the vision it will help establish them a premium brand in today’s largely competitive car market. The new Volvo also came with a code name (as if it was built secret agents) and the code is V526.

The new Volvo XC90 is 4.9metres in length, this is 10cm longer than the previous model, it has also been lowered and is a little wider. Big improvements have been made on the interior, with extra boot space and the third set of seating benefiting from more foot room.

New XC90 Interior

The dashboard has also seen some change, you now benefit from a new 9.5” display to control all the car functioned in an easy to use interface. Volvo has de-cluttered the dash, which now has only 7 buttons compared to the many that the previous Volvo XC90 had.

Volvo has put massive investment into its “vision 2020” plan, which is a goal of having no-one injured or killed in a Volvo built car from 2020. This coincides with the new safety features offered on the new XC90, with new levels of passive and active safety systems.

New XC90 Engines

While many new car manufacturers have been cutting engine size and power, Volvo seems to stick with what they already know with regards to engines. With this they plan to release a 300bhp petrol engine containing a turbo and a supercharger to put the icing on the cake. On the other hand Volvo has developed a hybrid engine for its 4WD cars, which will have a dedicated electric motor to power the rear wheels. Volvo also plan to release a full electric version of the new XC90, with the batteries being stored under the rear floor so interior space isn’t compromised.

New XC90 Technology

The new technology of the 9.5” touch screen display has many new features and clever touches, such as a filter on the screen so it doesn’t reflect on the windscreen and you can also interact with the screen while wearing gloves, a common problem when using the latest smart phones. Whilst in its normal state the screen is split into 4 different parts: media, phone, navigation and weather. You can swipe left and reveal the vehicle settings, like climate control which you can adjust with a slider. You can swipe right and reveal the application screen, with Apple’s new CarPlay system.

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