New Ford Focus RS Delayed

The launch of the brand new Ford Focus RS remains some way off, said Ford's European boss Stephen Odell.Ford RS Logo


“There’s nothing to talk about,” he said. “It’s great that we have a proud past with RS, and it’s clear it has acted as a halo product and a way of linking to our racing programmes, but for now there is nothing to say.”

The new Ford Focus RS was initially confirmed for 2015. The move marked a huge shift for Ford, after years and years of focusing on mass-market models and volume production.Ford Focus RS exterior rear

When it is launched, the new Ford Focus RS is expected to use Ford's entirely new 2.3-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine, tuned up to around 330bhp. That same engine also features in the Ford Mustang. As with the Ford Focus ST, Ford is expected to up the engine's natural sound using a new synthesiser. Ford has recemtly announced it will be adding a new diesel version of the Focus ST to its range, with around 182bhp and a 0-62mph time of about eight seconds.

It was understood the case for the new Ford Focus RS allowed it to sit alongside the all-new Ford Mustang, which hits the shelves in the UK at the start of next year. Ford bosses were fearful in the beginning that the launch of a new Focus RS would affect sales of both the Mustang and the Focus ST, but customer panels have proven that is not the case.

Mr Odell confirmed that the all new Mondeo would finally be launched in Europe later this year after nearly three years of delays. An exciting new Vignale trim will be on the list from 2015, and Odell explained “stretching the Mondeo brand up is easily achievable”. He also went on to say: “We don’t expect Vignale to allow us to take customers off one of our main competitors BMW, but it will allow us to appear on more consideration lists.”