Honda and General Motors Share Hydrogen Costs

Published Date: 20th Jan 2016

Honda first partnered with General Motors back in 2013 to take on the technical challenge of producing hydrogen fuel cells. They will extend this relationship further by sharing the costs of an all new, state of the art factory to build the hydrogen fuel cells that will be used in the next generation, zero emission vehicles of the future.

They are both currently deciding where the factory will be built but production of the cells is set for 2025 according to Honda. The motivation behind the two manufacturer’s partnership has been down to the shear costs involved with the new technology. This way they can work together on bringing the price down for them and the consumer.

Toyota has recently announced that it was forming a partnership with BMW and Nissan is widely known to be working with both Ford and Daimler to bring the technology to the market.

The Japanese government is also keen to see development of the fuel cells, which only tail pipe output is water vapour. They are to introduce measures that will reduce the cost even further.