Ford Auto Start-Stop Explained

Published Date: 25th Apr 2024

New Ford Puma 2024 in Cactus Grey PaintWelcome to UK Car Discount, where we're passionate about informing customers about the latest automotive technology. Today, we're diving into Ford's Auto Start-Stop system, a feature designed to enhance fuel efficiency and reduce emissions in your new car.


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The Auto Start-Stop system intelligently shuts off the engine when your vehicle reaches a complete standstill, such as in heavily congested traffic or at traffic lights, and seamlessly restarts it when needed. This saves fuel that would otherwise be wasted while idling and reduces overall vehicle emissions. In this article, we'll explain how this system works, explore its technology, and discuss its benefits to drivers. Whether you're looking to save on fuel costs or positively impact the environment, we've got you covered. Let's review the mechanics of Ford's Auto Start-Stop system and see how it's improving the customer driving experience.


How Fords Start Stop System Works:


New Ford Puma 2024 in Agate Black PaintIntroducing Ford's innovative Auto Start-Stop system – a cutting-edge technology designed to enhance your driving experience by helping you save fuel and significantly reduce emissions in your new car. Here's a closer look at how it works: Imagine you're driving and come to a complete stop, whether it's at the red light of a busy intersection, stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic, or simply waiting outside a friend's house. In these moments, the system intelligently shuts off the engine without you having to do anything. It's completely automatic. Then, the moment you lift your foot off the brake or clutch, depending on the transmission, the engine smoothly and efficiently restarts, ready for you to accelerate. By avoiding unnecessary idling, you're conserving fuel that would otherwise be wasted and contributing to a cleaner environment by cutting down on emissions during those stationary moments. It's a straightforward yet effective way to make your driving more eco-friendly without compromising convenience or performance. Plus, this system acts like a brief pause for your car's engine, reducing wear and tear over time, leading to longer engine life, and potentially lowering maintenance costs. Stay tuned as we review the mechanics behind the Auto Start-Stop system and explore its tangible benefits to your everyday driving experience. Whether saving money at the pump, reducing your carbon footprint, or simply enjoying a quieter, more peaceful drive, Ford's Auto Start-Stop system is here to impact your journey and the environment positively.


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Understanding the Engine Stop-Start Cycle



New Ford Focus 2024 in Chrome BlueThe fundamental purpose of the Auto Start-Stop technology is impressively simple in concept yet remarkably effective in practice. By leveraging a sophisticated network of sensors, this system meticulously observes your driving behaviour with pinpoint accuracy in real-time. Specifically, when your vehicle reaches a complete stop, such as at a traffic light, in bumper-to-bumper traffic, or while waiting in a drive-thru, and if certain predefined conditions are met (which will be elaborated on in the subsequent paragraphs), the system ingeniously and automatically powers down the engine without any manual intervention from the driver. This cutting-edge technology is designed to target and eliminate the wasteful fuel consumption that inevitably happens during those all-too-common prolonged idling moments. Doing so presents an eco-friendly solution that significantly reduces vehicle emissions—a critical factor in the global fight against climate change—and translates into tangible fuel savings for the vehicle owner over time. This makes the Auto Start-Stop system a boon for the environment and a wise investment for anyone looking to economise on fuel expenses in the long haul.



Here's a closer look at the stop phase:




Restarting with Ease


When you need to move again, the system restarts the engine as effortlessly. Here's how it works:



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Benefits Beyond Fuel Economy


While saving fuel is a significant advantage, Ford's Auto Start-Stop system offers more benefits:



When Auto Start-Stop Might Not Activate


It's important to note that the Auto Start-Stop system prioritises engine health and driver comfort in certain situations. Here are some instances where the engine might not shut down:



There are also situations where the engine might restart even when idling:



Taking Control: Turning the System On/Off


The Auto Start-Stop system is typically active by default when you start your Ford. However, most models come with a dedicated button that allows you to deactivate the system if you prefer not to use it for a specific journey.


Maintaining Your Auto Start-Stop System


For optimal performance, remember these points:



By delving into the details of the Ford Auto Start-Stop system and comprehending its numerous functionalities, you can make well-informed decisions regarding its application, thereby maximising the system's benefits. This innovative technology enhances your driving experience by making it more fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly. By adopting the Ford Auto Start-Stop system, you are taking a significant step towards embracing a future where driving contributes to a healthier planet, reducing fuel consumption and emissions with every journey.

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