Honda is teaming up with Hitachi for new electric cars

Honda and Hitachi are working on a new joint project that will design, develop, manufacture and sell zero emission electric vehicles.

The well known Japanese companies are investing around 5 billion Yen (£34 million) into a brand new start up with Hitachi taking the controlling stake of 51% to Honda’s 49%.

The aim is to not only produce electric cars but to become a main supplier to the automotive market with their range of newly developed parts and hardware. Honda and Hitachi both see the growth in all electric travel and also see the demand in components needed to build the cars of the future.

The new electric plug in hybrid Clarity

This all comes off the back of ambitious sales targets set internally by Honda, to see two thirds of their total car sales to be electric by 2025. The target was initially set by a new electric vehicle development division back in October 2016.

Other targets include launching two new electric vehicles in 2018, this will benefit the new joint venture. Honda is planning to work with the new company for the development and production of new electric motors for use in Honda’s new zero emission cars

Honda CEO Takahiro Hachigo said earlier this year that the first model will feature “a high-density, lightweight battery pack, integrated heat management and the evolution of energy transfer functions – both to and from the vehicle", which relate to areas of expertise for Hitachi Automotive Systems.

Hachigo also hinted at improved practicality thanks to “greater freedom in the design of vehicle packaging”. The car is expected to make its world debut at the Frankfurt motor show this September.

Car manufacturer Honda has long invested in the research and development of hydrogen powered cars with the Honda FCV Clarity model developed recently, shows how ahead they’re in the hydrogen fuel race.

The New Honda Hydrogen Clarity

The Hydrogen Honda FCV Clarity

So with the recent growth in electric vehicles Honda is now shifting focus to the battery powered alternative. The demand for zero emissions will only grow larger as countries around the world plan to legislate new lower emission standards.

Expect to see the new Honda all electric car on the stands at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, prior to a solid release in 2018.