Ford MYKEY System Explained

Published Date: 11th Mar 2024

New Ford Puma Key FobSafety is non-negotiable when it comes to entrusting your car to another driver, be it a family member or a friend. Enter Ford MyKey® – a revolutionary feature that allows you to program your Ford keys with customised vehicle safety settings, providing unparalleled peace of mind whenever your vehicle ventures onto the road. With Ford MyKey®, you hold the reins of safety in your hands. From limiting top speed to regulating audio volume and activating driver-assist technologies like the Lane-Keeping System, MyKey® empowers you to tailor safety measures to fit different drivers and situations. Are you a parent with a teenage driver in your family? If so, prepare to be impressed by the myriad benefits that Ford MyKey® technology brings to the table. Specifically designed to assist parents in fostering safe and responsible driving habits among their teens, MyKey® is a game-changer, providing added assurance when your young drivers take to the road. Ford MyKey® opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to set restricted driving mode settings that promote safe and responsible driving practices in your Ford. Whether capping the vehicle's top speed, regulating maximum audio volume, or mandating seat belt usage, MyKey® ensures drivers accessing your Ford with their programmed key adhere to these pre-set parameters.

What's more, the driver cannot deactivate or alter these settings, guaranteeing a level of responsibility and safety that's second to none. However, the benefits of MyKey® extend beyond just teen drivers; it's also a valuable tool for businesses seeking to ensure responsible driving among their fleet drivers. With Ford MyKey®, you're not just enhancing safety – you're managing how you drive, one customised setting at a time.


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How does Ford MyKey Work?

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Ford MyKey® operates seamlessly to promote safe and responsible driving habits among users. When a programmed MyKey® is inserted into the ignition, the system swiftly reads its transponder chip and identifies the unique MyKey® code, activating the customised settings you've meticulously selected. As your teen driver utilises the programmed key you've designated, they will encounter and adhere to the restrictions and driver-friendly settings you've implemented. MyKey® empowers you with a range of customisable options tailored to your preferences and safety priorities. With the ability to configure keys with restricted vehicle modes, MyKey® encourages safe driving practices. Almost all of your keys can be configured in a restricted mode, leaving one unprogrammed key as the designated administrator or admin key. This admin key serves as your gateway to:



New Ford Puma Tiredness AlertOnce a MyKey® is established, you can effortlessly monitor and manage its usage through the information display. Gain valuable insights into the number of admin keys and MyKeys programmed to your vehicle and track the total distance travelled with a MyKey®. With Ford MyKey®, taking control of your vehicle's safety features has never been easier. Empower yourself with the ability to customise settings and foster a culture of responsible driving, ensuring a safer and more secure driving experience for all.


When you activate Ford MyKey®, it immediately sets default settings prioritising safety and responsible driving habits. These include:



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What Can Ford MyKey® Control?


Your Ford MyKey® gives you control over various settings, depending on your Ford model and SYNC® technology. Here are some key features:


  1. Image of a 20 MPH Traffic ZoneTop Speed Restrictions: You can cap your Ford's speed at 65, 70, 75, or 80 mph, with reminders to slow down at 45, 55, and 65 mph.
  2. Belt-Minder®: This system reminds occupants to fasten their seatbelts every 30 seconds and mutes the audio system until front-seat occupants buckle up.
  3. Low-Fuel Warning: MyKey® alerts you when your gas tank has 75 miles to empty.
  4. Radio Content Filter: Block all stations labelled as "explicit" by SiriusXM® Satellite Radio and limit the maximum volume to 44%.
  5. Safety Technologies: Ford MyKey® prevents drivers from turning off driving aids like Park Aid and BLIS®, as well as AdvanceTrac® settings.


In addition to these features, Ford MyKey® allows for customisable settings tailored to your safety preferences, including:



Creating and Programming MyKey


To create a MyKey, follow these simple steps using the information display:


  1. Insert the key you are programming into the ignition and switch your ignition on.
  2. Access your main menu on the information display and select Settings, then MyKey.
  3. Choose Create MyKey and follow the prompts to label the key as a MyKey.


To program or change configurable settings, use an admin key to access the main menu and navigate to the desired feature.


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Clearing MyKeys and System Status


New Ford Focus 2024You can clear all MyKeys and their associated settings by following these steps:


  1. Switch on the ignition using an admin key or fob.
  2. Access the system main menu using the information display control on the steering wheel.
  3. Scroll to the option to clear all MyKey settings and follow the prompts.


Safety First


Remember, while MyKey provides advanced safety features and control for drivers, it's crucial to exercise caution when setting speed limits. It's important to strike a balance between safety and convenience, ensuring that drivers are always vigilant and comply with local regulations and road conditions to uphold safety standards and prevent accidents.




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