Car Repairs Postcode Lottery in UK

Published Date: 17th Dec 2015

You may often wonder how much your car would cost to repair in a different part of the country, well we have the findings here to show you.

Car repair prices are very different around the UK

The average motorist has to pay about £220 to get their car fixed; some parts of the country are more than 30% cheaper than the rest, this research is credited to - Who Can Fix My Car. This car repair company has used data from its huge user base to find out how repair costs vary around the UK. It made a list of common repairs and faults, including ‘under the bonnet’ work, servicing and brake and exhaust repairs to find out how much you can expect to pay in different regions.


Repair costs around the country

East Anglia tops the list and this is probably due to the lack of garages in the area, where the average fix will cost you a massive £241. You can save yourself 25% on that price if you cross the water over to N.Ireland and pay just £180.


Region and Average cost of a repair


East Anglia - £241

South East - £238

South West - £231

Wales - £221

Yorkshire and Humberside - £220

East Midlands - £220

West Midlands - £217

North West - £206

North East - £192

Scotland - £186

Northern Ireland - £180


UK Average - £220


To give are readers a better idea, we have also compiled a list that calculates average cost by City rather than region. As you could probably guess, London tops the leader board by far.


City and Average cost of a repair


London - £233

Leeds - £214

Birmingham - £213

Liverpool - £198

Manchester - £184

Edinburgh - £166

Glasgow - £166




Driving habits around the country

All this research by Who Can Fix My Car also puts the spotlight on driver habits around the country. Londoners, with their congestion have more scrapes, scratches and general body repairs than anywhere else, so the need for body shops in at a very high ratio.

London drivers also have more expensive cars than the rest of us. They are 75% more likely to drive a Mercedes and 65% more likely to have a BMW than car owners in the rest of the UK.

Drivers in Liverpool “seem to enjoy a quick getaway at the lights,” explained the report, because they are a third more likely to need a new clutch, when compared to the rest of the country.

In Scotland the car of choice is a four-wheel-drive because of the changing weather and difficult landscape, Subaru’s or Suzuki’s are the most popular picks for the Scots.