Volkswagen's 4Motion All-Wheel-Drive System

Published Date: 20th May 2024

New Volkswagen Tiguan 4Motion in Cipressino GreenAre you considering buying a new Volkswagen and wondering if the 4Motion all-wheel-drive system is right for you? This uk car discount guide will explain what 4Motion is, how it works, and which Volkswagen models offer it.


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We'll delve into the benefits of an all-wheel-drive system, such as improved traction and stability in various driving conditions, and discuss how 4Motion can enhance your everyday driving experience. Additionally, we'll provide insights into the technology behind 4Motion, helping you make an informed new car buying decision that suits your driving needs and preferences.




What is 4Motion?


New Volkswagen Passat 4Motion 20244Motion is Volkswagen's name for its advanced all-wheel-drive system. This system enhances your grip and control on the road, especially in challenging conditions like rain, snow, or mud. It achieves this by automatically distributing engine power switching to the front and rear wheels, ensuring optimal traction whenever you need it most.


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Additionally, 4Motion works seamlessly with other vehicle systems, such as anti-lock safety brakes and electronic stability control, to provide a safer and more confident driving experience. Whether navigating slippery streets or tackling light off-road trails, 4Motion is designed to keep you moving in all conditions. How does 4Motion stack up against competitors? While renowned systems like Subaru's symmetrical all-wheel-drive are strong contenders, 4Motion offers a compelling alternative with its unique technology and driving dynamics.




How Does 4Motion Work?


There are three main types of 4Motion systems used in Volkswagens:


  • New Volkswagen Golf 4Motion 2024Haldex Clutch: This electronically controlled system is the most common type. It uses active sensors to understand driving conditions and automatically adjusts power distribution between the axles. Most power goes to the front wheels during normal driving for better fuel efficiency. However, if the system senses wheel slip, it can quickly switch power to the rear wheels for improved traction.
  • Torsen Differential: This mechanical system uses a self-locking centre differential to distribute power between the axles based on torque requirements. It constantly monitors the rotational forces at each axle and adjusts power accordingly. Compared to the Haldex clutch, this system offers a more proactive approach to managing vehicle traction.
  • Lockable Centre Differential (Touareg): This advanced system on the Touareg SUV provides maximum off-road capability. It features a lockable differential that can send 100% of engine power to either axle when needed. Additionally, a rear-axle differential with a locking mechanism will enhance traction in extreme driving conditions.


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Benefits of 4Motion:


  • New Volkswagen T-Cross 2024Improved Traction and Control: 4Motion helps your Volkswagen maintain grip on slippery or uneven surfaces, making your vehicle safer in all driving conditions. (Best all-wheel-drive system for all weather conditions)
  • Enhanced Off-Road Capability: Models like the Touareg with advanced 4Motion systems make tackling unpaved roads and light off-road trails a breeze. (4Motion is good for off-roading)
  • Increased Stability: 4Motion helps your car handle corners and curves more proactively, especially in adverse weather conditions.


Who Needs 4Motion?


  • Drivers who frequently encounter rain, snow, or other challenging weather conditions.
  • Drivers who regularly travel on unpaved or rough roads.
  • Drivers who prioritise family safety and control in all driving situations.
  • Drivers who tow trailers or haul heavy loads (especially for models with advanced 4Motion systems).


Which Volkswagen Models Offer 4Motion?


4Motion is available on a variety of Volkswagen models, including:


  • New Volkswagen Tiguan 4Motion in Pyrite SilverTiguan (option on some trims)
  • Tiguan Allspace
  • T-Roc (option on some trims)
  • T-Cross (option on some trims)
  • Arteon
  • Touareg


Making Your Decision:


Whether you need 4Motion depends on your individual driving needs and preferences. The front-wheel-drive option might be sufficient if you primarily drive in urban areas with good weather conditions. This setup is typically more fuel-efficient for city commuting. However, for those who prioritise safety and stability in various weather conditions, exploring Volkswagen's 4Motion all-wheel-drive system could be a worthwhile investment. This 4Motion setup is typically more fuel-efficient and cost-effective for city commuting. However, if you value safety and control, frequently travel in regions with harsh weather, tow a caravan, or plan on venturing off-road, then 4Motion could be a worthwhile investment. The added traction and stability provided by 4Motion can enhance your driving experience, offering peace of mind in challenging conditions and ensuring your vehicle can easily handle various terrains.


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  • Improved Driving Performance: 4Motion all-wheel-drive enhances grip and control on various roads, especially in challenging weather conditions (rain, snow, mud).
  • Safety and Confidence: The system automatically distributes power for optimal traction, keeping you safe and confident behind the wheel.
  • Different 4Motion Systems: Three main types (Haldex Clutch, Torsen Differential, Lockable Center Differential) cater to diverse driving needs.
  • Benefits for Various Drivers: 4Motion suits those encountering harsh weather, driving on unpaved roads, prioritising safety, or towing trailers.
  • Available Volkswagen Models: Explore a range of Volkswagens offering 4Motion, including Tiguan, Tiguan Allspace, T-Roc, T-Cross, Arteon, and Touareg.
  • Find Your Perfect Fit at UK Car Discount: Browse a wide selection, get expert advice, and enjoy competitive prices on new Volkswagens with 4Motion.pen_spark


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