The Audi Q5 Quattro S-Line Takes the Spotlight This Week!

Published Date: 22nd May 2024

New Audi Q5 Quattro S-Line 2024Calling all thrill-seekers with a taste for luxury! This week, UK Car Discount proudly presents the Audi Q5 Quattro S-Line, an exceptional SUV that seamlessly blends everyday practicality with exhilarating performance. Imagine navigating your daily commute with the power and precision of a German-engineered vehicle while enjoying a refined and sophisticated interior that caters to your every comfort. But wait, there's more!

Audi Q5 Medium Crossover/SUV 50 TFSI e 299ps Quattro S Line S tronic

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RRP: £59,705



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New Audi Q5 Quattro S-Line 2024Go beyond the ordinary. The Audi Q5 Quattro S-Line isn't just another SUV; it's a statement of sophistication and power. Striking design elements, courtesy of the S-Line package, turn heads wherever you go. The bold grille, sporty bumpers, and sleek 19-inch alloy wheels exude confidence, while the available sloping roofline of the Q5 Sportback adds a touch of undeniable flair. Inside, the Q5 Quattro S-Line pampers its occupants with a meticulously crafted interior featuring premium materials and cutting-edge technology. The spacious Q5 cabin is designed for comfort, with luxurious leather seats and a panoramic sunroof that lets in natural light, creating an airy feel. Advanced safety features and the latest connectivity ensure every drive is pleasurable and secure. Under the bonnet, the powerful engine delivers exhilarating performance, while the Quattro all-wheel-drive system provides superior handling and traction, no matter the road conditions. Whether you're navigating city streets or exploring off-the-beaten paths, the Audi Q5 Quattro S-Line offers a driving experience that is smooth, dynamic and refined.



New Audi Q5 Quattro S-LineThe Q5 Quattro S-Line isn't just about looks. Beneath the sculpted exterior lies a beating heart of performance. Choose from a range of exhilarating engines, including this powerful plug-in hybrid option that delivers a staggering 299 horsepower and rockets you from 0-62 mph in a mere 6.1 seconds. Experience the rush of instant torque and a smooth, responsive ride – all while still maintaining impressive fuel efficiency.


Step inside the Q5 Quattro S-Line and discover a haven of comfort and refinement. Sink into the supportive S-line front sports seats upholstered in a luxurious Microfibre Dinamica-leather combination. Enjoy ample space for passengers and cargo, making every journey a pleasure.


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NEW AUDI Q5 QUATTRO S-LINE CAR DEALSThe Q5 Quattro S-Line boasts a suite of advanced Audi technology features to elevate your driving experience. The standard privacy glass on the rear windows, the confidence-inspiring Quattro all-wheel drive, and the elevated driving position help you maintain a clear view of the road. A crisp and informative display keeps you connected, while the intuitive controls ensure a seamless driving experience.



New Audi Q5 S-Line 2024The Audi Q5 Quattro S-Line goes beyond everyday elegance. While its captivating design and luxurious interior turn heads, a hidden thrill awaits under the bonnet. This meticulously crafted SUV surprises with a powerful spirit, making it the perfect companion for those who crave performance and practicality. Let's delve into the details that make the Q5 Quattro S-Line a compelling choice when it comes to exhilarating driving:

The heart of the Q5 Quattro S-Line beats with a ferocious spirit. A technologically advanced 1.984cc, 4-cylinder in-line engine, enhanced by a turbocharger and a plug-in hybrid system, unleashes a staggering 299 horsepower (295 BHP) and 325 Nm (240 lb-ft) of torque. Experience the surge of instant torque that propels you from 0-62 mph in a breath-taking 6.1 seconds. The Q5 Quattro S-Line seamlessly blends exhilarating performance with impressive fuel efficiency, making every drive a responsible yet thrilling adventure.




New Audi Q5 Quattro S-Line 2024The legendary Quattro all-wheel-drive system comes standard with the Audi Q5 Quattro S-Line. This advanced technology ensures superior handling and traction in all weather conditions, whether conquering snowy mountain roads or navigating a wet city commute. Take on any terrain with the peace of mind that the Q5 Quattro S-Line can handle it.



The 7-speed automatic transmission seamlessly shifts gears, ensuring a smooth and responsive ride. The advanced all-wheel-drive system works in perfect harmony with the engine and transmission, delivering optimal performance and efficiency.


New Audi Q5 in District GreenEngine Size: 1,984cc

Engine Configuration: 4 Cylinder In-Line

Drive Type: Four Wheel

Transmission: Automatic

Number of Gears: 7

Fuel Type: Plug-In Hybrid Petrol

Fuel Delivery: Turbo

Fuel Tank Size: 54 litres

Power (BHP): 295

Power (PS): 299

Power (KW): 206

0-60mph: 6.1 Secs

Top Speed: 148mph


Please note that although we use Audi's official performance figures, the consumption and range figures may differ depending on your driving style, conditions, and other factors.


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  • New Audi Q5 S-Line in Ultra BlueExceptional Savings: Save £5,974 off the Audi Q5 Quattro S-Line RRP.
  • Price Details: Our price £53,731, RRP: £59,705.
  • Contact Information: Call 0161 946 3500 to secure your Audi Q5 Quattro S-Line.
  • Sophisticated Design: This model features striking design elements like a bold grille, sporty bumpers, and sleek 19-inch alloy wheels. The Q5 Sportback offers a sloping roofline.
  • High Performance: Equipped with a powerful plug-in hybrid engine delivering 299 horsepower, 0-62 mph in 6.1 seconds.
  • Luxurious Interior: Features S-line front sports seats upholstered in a Microfibre Dinamica-leather combination, providing comfort and refinement.
  • Advanced Technology: Includes standard privacy glass on rear windows, Quattro all-wheel drive, and an intuitive, informative display.
  • All-Terrain Confidence: The Quattro all-wheel-drive system ensures superior handling and traction in all weather conditions.
  • Responsive Ride: 7-speed automatic transmission and well-balanced suspension offer a smooth, dynamic driving experience.


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