Ford Intelligent Protection - IPS Explained

Published Date: 26th May 2023

What is the Ford Intelligent Protection System (IPS)?


Image of a Car DoorThe Ford Intelligent Protection System (IPS) comprises cutting-edge safety features that help prevent accidents and safeguard you in case of collisions. A combination of active and passive features makes up the IPS, working seamlessly to offer optimal road protection.


Active Safety Features


Active safety features help prevent mishaps by providing heightened control over your vehicle. Some of the active safety features that IPS encompasses are:


  • Electronic Brake-Force Distribution (EBD): EBD automatically distributes brake force to the wheels that need it most, helping you to stop your car more quickly and safely.
  • Anti-Lock Braking (ABS): ABS prevents your wheels from locking up during braking, helping you to maintain control of your car.
  • Traction Control (TC): TC helps to prevent your car from losing traction on slippery surfaces, allowing you to stay in control.
  • Hill Start Assist (HSA): HSA prevents your car from rolling backwards when moving on a hill, helping you get away safely.
  • Image of a Ford Car InteriorLane Keeping Aid (LKA): The Lane Keeping Assist (LKA) feature utilises cameras to detect drifting in your lane and provides steering assistance to ensure you stay in your designated lane.
  • Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM): Using radar sensors, BSM detects nearby vehicles in your blind spots and offers visual and audible alerts to stop accidents.
  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA): RCTA uses radar sensors to detect vehicles crossing behind you when you are reversing and provides visual and audible alerts to help you avoid collisions.


Passive Safety Features


Passive safety features are designed to protect you in a collision. Some of the passive safety features included in IPS are:


  • Airbags: Airbags are designed to activate upon collision, cushion the blow and mitigate bodily harm.
  • Image of a Car SeatbeltSeatbelts: Seat belts ensure you remain in your seat during a crash. They prevent you from being thrown out of the vehicle and reduce the impact of crash injuries.
  • Side Impact Protection: The purpose of side impact protection is to keep you safe if you're ever in a collision from the side. This feature is engineered to shield you from harm and protect you.
  • Rollover Protection: Rollover protection is an indispensable feature intended to safeguard you if your vehicle happens to flip over.


How does the Ford Intelligent Protection System work?


The Ford Intelligent Protection System (IPS) works by using a variety of sensors to detect potential hazards and then take action to help you avoid a collision or protect yourself in the event of one. For example, if the EBD sensor detects that you are braking hard, it will automatically distribute brake force optimally to the wheels that need it most, helping you to stop your car more quickly and safely. Or, if the ABS sensor detects that your wheels are locking up during braking, it will pump the brakes automatically, helping you to maintain control of your car.

The Ford Intelligent Protection System is an invaluable safety feature that can prevent and minimise the impact of accidents. If you prioritise security, it is essential to consider a Ford model that incorporates an IPS system to safeguard you and your passengers on the road.


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The IPS safety system is invaluable, helping you avoid accidents and protecting you if one should occur. If you're looking for a new Ford, why not go for a model with the IPS advanced technology for extra peace of mind on the road? Give yourself that added confidence!

Please note that the availability of IPS safety systems varies depending on the model and trim level. Kindly inform us when you place the order, and we will ensure that your specific model includes the IPS safety system.

The Ford Intelligent Protection System (IPS) is a great safety system available on many of Ford's best-selling UK cars, including the Ford Focus, Puma, Ecosport, and Kuga.




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