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Published Date: 8th Apr 2024

New Ford Kuga Active 2024 Model in Lucid RedUK Car Discount proudly presents our "Car of the Week" - introducing the all-new Ford Kuga Active FHEV, a vehicle that transcends the ordinary expectations of an SUV. The Kuga Active FHEV brings out your adventurous spirit, equipped with an economical hybrid engine that excels in city landscapes and off-road adventures. Envision extending your journeys with Ford's Fhev enhanced fuel efficiency while enjoying the unparalleled comfort of the Ford Kuga's interior. And there's more to discover. Join us as we review the 2024 Kuga FHEV's remarkable attributes. We will explore everything from its eco-friendly hybrid engine to the premium features that improve every journey to a premium driving experience.



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Escape the Ordinary: Ford Kuga FHEV Ignites Your Adventure at UK Car Discount


New Ford Kuga Active 2024 Model in Bursting GreenWelcome to our "UK Car Discount Car of the Week". This week, we're excited to showcase the Ford Kuga Active FHEV, a vehicle redefining the crossover/SUV segment's versatility and performance. Get ready to upgrade your driving experience with this exceptional vehicle, expertly engineered by Ford, to deliver a seamless blend of style, comfort, and innovation. The 2024 Ford Kuga Active FHEV has a fresh, modern design and functionality. It boasts a powerful 2.5 Duratec 183 Fhev petrol hybrid engine and an advanced Active AWD system. Whether cruising city streets or exploring off-the-beaten-path, this dynamic SUV promises to exceed your expectations. Step inside the refined interior and discover a world of luxury and convenience. With features like a 13" touchscreen with SYNC 4, wireless Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto, along with premium touch Sensico active seats and ergonomic power-adjustable seating for both driver and passengers, the Kuga Active FHEV offers an amazing level of comfort and connectivity. On the exterior, the Kuga impresses with its cool, sporty, sophisticated design, featuring 18" Active alloy wheels, black roof rails, and full LED headlamps for premium visibility. Advanced driver-assistance technologies like pre-collision assist, adaptive cruise control, and blind-spot information systems ensure that safety is paramount, giving you peace of mind on every journey. The Ford Kuga Active FHEV excels in performance and comfort, offering reduced emissions and impressive fuel efficiency. Experience crossover/SUV driving satisfaction like never before with a stylish design and excellent features.

Explore our exclusive offers on the 2024 model and discover driving nirvana like never before with the Ford Kuga Active FHEV.


***** FORD KUGA Medium Crossover/SUV 2.5 Duratec 183 Fhev Active AWD Auto *****

OUR PRICE: £35,978

RRP: £40,865





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FORD KUGA Active 183 Fhev Engine & Gearbox:


ENGINE: 2.5 Duratec 183 Fhev Petrol Hybrid - Automatic


Here's what sets the Kuga Active FHEV apart:


  • New Ford Kuga Active 2024 Model in Desert Island BlueElectrified Performance: Explore the wilderness with the efficient hybrid engine, conquering any challenging journey without sacrificing fuel economy.
  • Active Capability: Go beyond the pavement. The Kuga Active FHEV confidently tackles almost any terrain thanks to its advanced Ford AWD system.
  • Tech-Savvy Comfort: Immerse yourself in a luxurious interior with the latest technology. A 13-inch touchscreen with SYNC 4 keeps you connected, while premium seating ensures maximum comfort on every drive.
  • Safety First: Drive with peace of mind. Advanced driver-assistance features like pre-collision assist and blind-spot monitoring keep you and your family safe on the road.



The Ford Kuga Active FHEV isn't just a commuter vehicle; it lifts your spirit. 

Visit UK Car Discount today and discover how this SUV/crossover can transform your daily driving experience.



Ford Kuga Active Fhev Key Vehicle Data


New Ford Kuga Active 2024 in Frozen White

  • Engine Size: 2,498 cc
  • Engine Configuration: 4 Cylinder In-Line
  • Drive Type: Four Wheel
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Number of Gears: 1
  • Fuel Type: Hybrid Petrol
  • Fuel Delivery: Turbo
  • Fuel Tank Size: 54 Litres
  • Power (BHP): 180
  • Power (PS): 183
  • Power (KW): 126
  • C02 emissions Overall: 133 g/km
  • Electric Range Combined: 48.7 mpg
  • 0-62mph: 8.3 Seconds
  • Top Speed: 122 mph



**Please note that although we use Ford's official figures, actual fuel economy and CO2 emissions may vary depending on your driving style, conditions, and other unique factors.


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Features of the Ford Kuga Active FHEV


The Ford Kuga Active FHEV sets a new standard in the medium crossover/SUV category, blending versatility with efficiency to redefine your driving experience. It's not just a means of transportation; it's a vehicle designed to enhance your journey with style and luxury. With its bold design, spacious interior, and advanced technology, the Ford Kuga Active FHEV is an irresistible choice for drivers seeking practicality and performance. Let's explore the features that make this car stand apart and elevate your driving adventures.


Elegantly Robust, Unmistakably Confident


New Ford Kuga Active 2024 in Solar SilverEmbrace a contemporary design with the Kuga Active FHEV's dynamic styling. From its striking silhouette to its rugged detailing, this vehicle effortlessly combines elegance with capability, making a lasting impression on every road. Equipped with the latest 18" Active alloy wheels, it looks impressive and delivers enhanced traction and stability for a comfortable ride.


Supreme Comfort at Every Turn


Step inside the meticulously crafted interior, where premium materials and thoughtful design create a luxurious atmosphere. Sink into the Sensico active seats with neo-suede inserts and experience unparalleled comfort and support on every journey. With ergonomic power-adjustable seating for both driver and passenger, finding your perfect driving position is effortless.


Illuminate Your Path with Precision


Navigate with confidence, even in low-light conditions, thanks to the full LED headlights, which provide exceptional clear visibility while adding a touch of modern sophistication to the exterior.


Effortless Parking and Manoeuvring


New Ford Kuga Active 2024 in Agate BlackThe integrated rear parking sensors effortlessly conquer parking challenges. They enhance safety and convenience by alerting you to obstacles behind the vehicle. Maneuvering in tight spaces becomes a breeze, allowing you to focus on enjoying the drive.


Attention to Detail, Elevated Experience


Every aspect of the Kuga Active FHEV is meticulously designed to enhance your driving pleasure. From the intuitive infotainment system to practical features like power-heated folding mirrors with memory function, no detail is overlooked to ensure a seamless and enjoyable driving experience.


Drive with Confidence and Style


The Ford Kuga Active FHEV isn't just a car; it reflects your refined taste and adventurous spirit. With its award-winning combination of style, comfort, and innovation, this crossover/SUV empowers you to make every journey extraordinary. Visit UK Car Discount today to experience the Ford Kuga Active FHEV and discover your perfect driving companion!


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Ford Kuga Active Equipment List


The Ford Kuga Active FHEV packs a punch with an extensive list of standard features, offering a blend of style, comfort, technology, and safety. Here's a breakdown of some of the highlights you receive for your money:




  • 18" Active Alloy Wheels with Absolute Black and Machined Finish: These stylish wheels add a touch of sophistication and enhance the car's overall look. The machined finish helps to highlight the intricate design of the spokes.
  • New Ford Kuga Active 2024 in Agate Black - Front ViewActive Body Styling: Turn heads with black mirror caps and a contrasting black painted roof, creating a sporty, two-tone appearance.
  • Active Lifted Suspension: This increases ground clearance, making the Kuga Active FHEV more capable of handling rough roads and light off-roading adventures.
  • Full LED Headlamps and Daytime Running Lamps: These energy-efficient LED lights offer superior nighttime visibility and a distinctive presence on the road.
  • Black Roof Rails: These add a touch of practicality and style. They're perfect for mounting roof boxes, bike racks, or other gear for outdoor adventures.
  • Rear Spoiler: Enhances aerodynamics and adds a sporty flair to the vehicle's rear.
  • Power Heated Folding Mirrors with Puddle Lights, Memory Function, and Camera: These convenient features offer added safety and security. When you unlock the car, the puddle lights illuminate the ground beneath the door handles, making it easier to see where you're stepping at night. The memory function remembers your preferred mirror position, and the integrated camera can assist with parking manoeuvres.
  • Rear Privacy Glass: The Rear Privacy Glass provides extra privacy for passengers in the back seat.
  • Hands-Free Power Tailgate: You can effortlessly open and close the boot with a simple kick under the bumper, perfect when your hands are full of groceries or shopping bags.
  • Pop-Out Door Edge Protectors: These help shield your car doors from minor bumps and scrapes when you get in and out of your vehicle in tight parking spaces.




  • New Ford Kuga Active 2024 in Frozen White - Front View13" Touchscreen with SYNC 4 with Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto: This large touchscreen infotainment system is the heart of Kuga's interior. It allows you to control everything from navigation and music to phone calls and messages. Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto provide seamless smartphone integration, enabling you to access your favourite apps safely on the go.
  • Digital Colour 12.3" Instrument Cluster: The instrument cluster provides a clear and customisable view of critical driving information, such as speed, revs, fuel level, and navigation, right where you need it.
  • Partial Premium Touch Sensico Active Seats with Black Neosuede Inserts and Grey Stitching: These seats offer luxury and sportiness. The Sensico material is soft and comfortable, while the neo-suede inserts add a touch of luxury. The grey stitching also provides a stylish contrast.
  • 12-Way Ergonomic Power Adjust Driver's Seat with Memory (AGR Certified): The 12-way power adjustment allows you to find your perfect driving position. The seat memory function will enable you to keep your preferred driver's settings for quick and easy access. The AGR certification indicates that the seat meets ergonomic standards for optimal comfort and support.
  • 12-Way Ergonomic Power Adjust Passenger Seat with Memory (AGR Certified): The passenger gets the same level of comfort and adjustability as the driver.
  • Second Row Sliding Seats: Provide additional legroom for passengers in the back or more cargo space when needed.
  • Electronic Automatic Temperature Control (EATC): This automatic climate control system maintains a comfortable temperature for everyone in the car.


Safety and Driver Assistance:


  • Front and Rear Parking Sensors: These sensors make parking manoeuvres easy, alerting you to obstacles in front of and behind the car.
  • 360-Degree Camera: Get a bird's-eye view of your surroundings for even more confident parking, especially in tight spaces.
  • Pre-Collision Assist with Autonomous Emergency Braking, Evasive Steer Assist, and Dynamic Brake Support: This suite of technologies can help prevent or mitigate accidents by automatically applying the brakes if a potential impact is detected.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop & Go: This system keeps you safe from the car in front, even in stop-and-go traffic. It can automatically bring the vehicle to a complete stop and start it up again.
  • BLIS (Blind Spot Information System): This system warns you of vehicles appearing in your blind spot, helping to prevent lane-change collisions.
  • Cross Traffic Alert When Reversing with Emergency Brake Assist: This system can help avoid collisions when reversing out of a parking space.


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Ford UK Warranty


Confirming the vehicle specifications you are interested in when you purchase is essential.


Here's what that means for you:


  • Drive with Confidence: Knowing your Kuga Active FHEV is backed by a strong warranty allows you to focus on enjoying your new car.
  • Extensive Dealer Network: Ford has a large network of authorised dealers throughout the UK, so you're always within reach of qualified help.
  • Worry-Free Ownership: The warranty covers repairs to essential components due to manufacturing defects, ensuring you're not left with unexpected bills.


Keeping Up-to-Date:


While the warranty offers excellent coverage, it's important to note that terms and conditions may change. To ensure you have the latest information, we always recommend visiting the Ford website using the link below:

Ford Warranty Terms and Conditions: Ford UK New Car Warranty


Find Your Perfect Ford Kuga 2024 at UK Car Discount


As a Ford owner, you will directly benefit from the exceptional Ford warranty and gain access to exclusive discounts on the Ford Kuga, available solely at UK Car Discount. We are committed to providing comprehensive knowledge and support with each purchase. Our dedication to first-class service and competitive pricing makes owning a Ford an increasingly rewarding experience. Take advantage of this opportunity to acquire a vehicle that epitomises style, comfort, and reliability. We invite you to call us to find the ideal car that meets your requirements and surpasses your expectations.


**Please note that some vehicle details and features will vary, so always check with us when you are ready to order.


Amazing Price


Ford UK MRRP £40,865 - UK Car Discount Price - £35,978 + Paint - UK Car Discount saving £4,887


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Premium Safety Features


The Ford Kuga Active FHEV isn't just fun to drive and super safe! Here's a breakdown of some of the cool tech features that help keep you and your family protected on every adventure:


  • Airbag Team: Imagine invisible bubbles around you and your passenger in the front seat. That's what airbags are like! They're special bags that inflate quickly in a crash to cushion you from harm.
  • New Ford Kuga Active 2024 in Bursting Green - Front ViewLane Keeping Aid & Departure Warning: Imagine the white lines on the road like the edges of a giant colouring book. This system is like a super smart assistant that watches those lines. If you accidentally drift out of your lane without using your indicator, it will gently warn you to nudge you back on track.
  • Lane Centering Assist: This is like having an invisible friend steering with you! It uses sensors to detect the lane markings and helps keep your car centred between the lines, making highway driving a breeze (especially on long trips!).
  • Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB): This awesome feature is like having a watchful co-pilot. A camera scans the road ahead, and if it detects a possible crash with another car or pedestrian, it will warn you with a loud sound and an alert. If you don't react in time, it can even automatically apply the brakes, helping to avoid a crash or make it less serious.
  • Evasive Steer Assist & Dynamic Brake Assist: You're swerving to avoid something unexpected. These features work together to help you with that action. Evasive Steer Assist can give you a little extra nudge in the steering wheel to help you avoid an obstacle. At the same time, Dynamic Brake Assist applies additional pressure to the brakes to keep you safe.
  • Blind Spot Information System: This system is like having extra eyes on the sides of your car! It uses sensors to detect vehicles in your blind spot (the area you can't see directly in your mirror) and will light up your side mirror to warn you if something is present.
  • Cross Traffic Alert with Reverse Emergency Braking: Imagine backing out of a parking spot, and another car is coming from behind. This system can detect that car, warn you with a beep, and even apply the brakes in an emergency to avoid a collision.
  • Spare Tyre: This may not be as exciting as the others, but it's still important! If you have a flat tyre, this space-saver spare tyre will help you get to a repair shop for a proper fix or replacement.


Remember, these are just some of the many safety features available on the Ford Kuga Active FHEV. Always wear your seatbelt on every journey and follow the rules of the road! Visit UK Car Discount today to experience them all and discover your perfect driving partner!


Ford Kuga Active FHEV


New Ford Kuga Active 2024 in Solar Silver - Front ViewWe hope you enjoyed our review of the Ford Kuga Active and its equipment, from its sleek exterior to cutting-edge technology, which combines style, comfort, and performance perfectly. Discover a spacious interior that comfortably seats up to five passengers while providing ample room for all your bags. With features like a user-friendly touchscreen infotainment system and standard rear parking sensors, the Kuga Active FHEV offers convenience at every turn. Optional luxuries such as heated seats or a panoramic roof enhance your driving pleasure. Powered by a 2.5 Duratec 183 FHEV petrol hybrid engine delivering 180 BHP (183 PS) and 126 KW, the Kuga Active FHEV offers impressive performance. Accelerating from 0 to 62 mph in 8.3 seconds and achieving a top speed of 122 mph. Its four-wheel-drive system and automatic transmission ensure smooth and agile handling on any road surface. The Kuga Active FHEV does not compromise on efficiency. It achieves a combined fuel consumption of 48.7 MPG and CO2 emissions of 133 g/km, meeting the highest emission standards. Safety features such as pre-collision assist and adaptive cruise control provide added peace of mind on every journey. For those seeking a practical, stylish and environmentally conscious crossover/SUV, the 2024 Ford Kuga Active FHEV offers the perfect blend of performance, build quality and sophistication.


Visit our website,, today to learn more about the Ford Kuga Active FHEV and to take advantage of this limited-time offer.


Only a few 2024 Ford Kuga Active FHEV Stock units are available at this discounted price. This is a remarkable opportunity to own a stylish, practical, and affordable crossover/SUV, so don't delay and place your order today!


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Alternatives to the Ford Kuga


Ford Kuga Active vs Volkswagen Tiguan


New Volkswagen Tiguan 2024 ModelThe Ford Kuga Active and the Volkswagen Tiguan are renowned for their practicality and reliability. The Tiguan offers a spacious cabin and a range of advanced safety features, making it another top choice for families. However, the Kuga Active stands out with its rugged design and intuitive infotainment system, providing a premium driving experience on and off the road.


Ford Kuga Active vs Nissan Qashqai


In the competitive landscape of compact SUVs, the Ford Kuga Active and the Nissan Qashqai stand out for their blend of performance and usability. With the Qashqai, drivers enjoy a comfortable ride and a range of advanced driver-assistance features, making it an ideal option for city driving. On the other hand, the Kuga Active offers rugged styling and responsive handling, perfect for those seeking adventure on the open road. Both models come equipped with state-of-the-art technology and spacious interiors, catering to the needs of modern drivers.


Ford Kuga Active vs Hyundai Tucson


New Kia Sportage 2024 in Fusion WhiteWith their sporty design and dynamic performance, the Ford Kuga Active and the Hyundai Tucson offer an exhilarating driving experience. The Tucson boasts agile handling and advanced safety features, while the Kuga Active prioritises comfort and versatility. Both models feature spacious interiors and ample boot space, making them flexible for daily or weekend getaways.


Ford Kuga Active vs Kia Sportage


The Ford Kuga Active and the Kia Sportage are practical and reliable options in the SUV segment. The Sportage offers a comfortable ride and a range of technology features, while the Kuga Active provides a rugged design and responsive handling. With its generous standard features and competitive pricing, the Kuga Active presents excellent value for money compared to the Sportage.


Choosing between these SUVs will depend on your individual needs and preferences. Consider factors such as boot space, fuel efficiency, technology features, and overall driving experience.



Ford UK MRRP £40,865 - UK Car Discount Price - £35,978 + Paint - UK Car Discount saving £4,887


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