Boris and MPs Rally for Diesel Scrappage Scheme

Published Date: 23rd Nov 2015

A diesel scrappage scheme has been gathering momentum over the last week

The government are coming under pressure from MPs and Boris Johnson over the introduction of a new diesel scrappage scheme. The idea is to get old diesel vehicles off the road, as they are thought to contribute to thousands of premature deaths every year in the UK.

The major cities are the most affected areas, where the diesel car population is at its highest. The London Mayor: Boris Johnson has recently suggested a figure of £2000 for your old diesel car in a push to clean up our roads and reduce air pollution for future generations.

Ministers have been asked to revise the VED Road Tax system to encourage people to buy cleaner cars and ditch dirty diesel polluters. This is a complete U-Turn from all the energy the government put into pushing diesel on us not too long ago. The Government urged us to buy diesel as a more efficient and cleaner alternative to petrol.

“Introducing a national diesel scrappage scheme could provide a short-cut to cleaning up the air in our cities,” expained Huw Irranca-Davies, chair of the EAC. Ahead of George Osborne’s autumn statement next Wednesday, he went on to say: “The Treasury must use VED to create long-term incentives for drivers to buy cleaner hybrid and electric cars that minimise both CO2 and harmful pollutants.”

The Government seems to be pushing responsibility onto local councils rather than deal with the problem themselves on a national front. This will save the government any blame or responsibility at all.

Irranca-Davies said - “We are concerned that central government is trying to shift responsibility for meeting air quality targets to local authorities at a time when they are facing severe funding cuts.” he said. “The government has a duty to ensure that local authorities have the financial means at their disposal to adequately implement air quality action plans.”

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