Volkswagen Golf R - Car of the Week

Published Date: 18th Sep 2023

Welcome to this week's edition of "UK Car Discount Car of the Week," where we are excited to present an incredible offer on a Volkswagen Golf R. The Hot Hatch for the Whole Family.


2023 Volkswagen Golf Hatchback 8 2.0 TSI 320 7speed R DSG 4Motion


Image of a Volkswagen Golf R NoseThe Volkswagen Golf R is a high-performance hatchback that perfectly balances performance, efficiency, and practicality. It is powered by a turbocharged 2.0-litre engine that produces plenty of torque, making it a thrilling car to drive. However, the Golf R is also equipped with all-wheel drive, which makes it surefooted in wet and slippery conditions.

In addition to its impressive performance, the Golf R also offers a spacious and comfortable interior. The front seats are supportive and well-bolstered, and there is plenty of legroom and headroom for both front and rear passengers. The cargo area is also large and practical, making the Golf R a great choice for families.

The Golf R comes standard with a variety of safety features, including auto emergency braking (AEB), lane departure, and blind spot monitoring. It also has many driver assistance features, such as adaptive cruise control and park assist.

If you are looking for a high-performance hatchback that is also practical and family-friendly, the Volkswagen Golf R is a great option. It offers a thrilling driving experience but is extremely comfortable and safe for everyday use.


Volkswagen Golf R Engine & Gearbox:


ENGINE: 2.0 Petrol 320PS 4WD - 7 Speed DSG.


Volkswagen Golf R: Elevating Performance and Luxury

Image of a Golf R Drivers Seat ViewThe latest Volkswagen Golf R sets a new standard in high-performance hatchbacks. Manufacturers with meticulous attention to detail it combines power, precision, and sophistication for an unrivalled driving experience.

Engine and Performance: Under the bonnet, the Golf R houses a turbocharged 2.0-litre engine, delivering an exhilarating 320 PS and an impressive 310 lb-ft of torque. This powerhouse propels the Golf R from 0 to 62 mph in just 4.7 seconds, showcasing its formidable performance credentials. The 7-speed DSG transmission ensures seamless gear changes, contributing to a more dynamic ride.

Design and Styling: Dressed in resplendent Jerez Black diamond-turned alloy wheels and distinctive 'R' styling elements, the Golf R commands attention on the road. The intricate design of the front and rear bumpers, side sills, and matte chrome mirror housings are a testament to Volkswagen's commitment to aesthetics and aerodynamics. Inside, the 'Sardegna cloth seats with Art Velour bolsters exude comfort and sporty refinement, while the Carbon Grey inserts on the dash and door trim panels add a touch of elegance.

Image of a Golf R Drivers Cockpit AreaSafety and Assurance: Safety is at the forefront of the Golf R's design. Advanced features like automatic emergency braking (AEB), lane departure warning, and blind spot monitoring provide extra protection. Additionally, the Golf R boasts a five-star Euro NCAP rating, underscoring its commitment to passenger safety.

Driving Dynamics: The Golf R's all-wheel drive system, 4Motion, ensures optimal traction and stability in various driving conditions. It is paired with precision-engineered disc brakes and blue brake callipers featuring the 'R' logo; the Golf R offers a driving experience as thrilling as it is secure.

Technology and Connectivity: Inside the cabin, the Golf R boasts a leather-wrapped multi-function sports steering wheel with convenient shifting paddles, providing intuitive control over your driving experience. Cutting-edge features like Apple CarPlay, Android Auto integration, and the intuitive infotainment system keep you seamlessly connected to your digital world while on the move.


In summary, the Volkswagen Golf R is not just a car; it's a statement of performance, precision, and luxury. Its blend of cutting-edge technology, dynamic design, and safety features redefines what a high-performance hatchback can be. Experience the future of driving with the Volkswagen Golf R. Let's take a closer look:


Volkswagen Golf R Key Vehicle Data


  • Engine: 2.0 Turbo Petrol.
  • Max Torque: Torque (mkg): 310, torque (ft-ib):2,240 Torque (Nm): 3,307
  • Max Output: (BHP): 153, (PS): 155, (KW): 107
  • Performance: 0-62mph: 4.7 seconds.
  • Max Speed: 155 mph.
  • Drivetrain: Four Wheel Drive.
  • Transmission: 7 Speed DSG.
  • Engine size: 1984 cc.
  • Fuel economy: MPG Fuel Consumption Combined: 35.8.
  • CO2 emissions: WLTP - CO2 Combined: 178 g/km.
  • Euro emissions standard: Euro 6 Compliant.



**Please note we use the official figures provided by Volkswagen. Actual fuel economy and CO2 emissions may vary depending on your driving style, conditions, and other factors.


Features of the Golf R


  • Key Features: Alloy wheels 18" Jerez Black diamond turned, 'R' nameplate, 'R' styling pack - uniquely shaped front and rear bumpers and side sills, Exterior mirror housings matt chrome, 'Sardegna' cloth front seats and outer rear seats with Art Velour inner sides of bolsters, Decorative inserts 'Carbon Grey' in the dash and front door trim panels, Leather-wrapped multi-function sports steering wheel, heated, with shifting paddles, Disc brakes in front, with stunning blue brake callipers, and 'R' logo, Disc brakes in rear, with blue brake callipers, All-wheel drive - 4Motion.
  • Euro NCAP rating: Five-star rating from Euro NCAP.
  • Image of a Golf R Right Side ViewCutting-edge design: The new Golf R offers a suite of top-notch features designed to elevate your driving experience. Starting with its striking 18" Jerez Black diamond-turned alloy wheels, it exudes a distinctive allure on the road. The unmistakable 'R' nameplate proudly announces its heritage, while the 'R' styling pack sets it apart with uniquely sculpted front and rear bumpers, as well as side sills. The exterior mirror housings in matte chrome add a touch of sophistication, complementing the dynamic look. Inside, the 'Sardegna' cloth front seats and outer rear seats, combined with Art Velour inner sides of bolsters, provide both comfort and style. The decorative inserts in 'Carbon Grey' on the dash and front door trim panels add a refined finish. Taking the wheel, you'll find a leather-wrapped multi-function sports steering wheel, heated for added comfort and equipped with convenient shifting paddles. The Golf R doesn't just look the part but performs exceptionally. With disc brakes in the front and distinctive blue brake callipers featuring the 'R' logo, you can expect impressive stopping power. This model also boasts disc brakes in the rear, maintaining a high standard of braking performance throughout. And for exceptional handling, the all-wheel drive system, known as 4Motion, ensures optimal traction in all conditions. The new Golf R is not just a car; it's an experience in precision engineering and style, promising an exhilarating journey every time you hit the road.
  • Image of a Volkswagen Golf R Interior Back Seat ViewManufacturer warranty: The Volkswagen Golf R comes with an extensive warranty package designed to provide new owners with complete peace of mind. This comprehensive coverage includes:
  • Three years of bumper-to-bumper protection, or up to 60,000 miles, whichever comes first.
  • Remarkable 7-year corrosion perforation protection.
  • Additionally, you'll benefit from 1 year of Volkswagen Assistance breakdown cover, ensuring help is always available when needed.
  • This warranty encompasses the cost of repairs for any defects in materials or quality of the vehicle's original components. However, it's important to note that it doesn't extend to damage from accidents, misuse, or neglect.
  • The Volkswagen Assistance breakdown cover offers round-the-clock roadside support 365 days a year. This includes services like towing, battery jump-starts, and lockout assistance, reassuring you on every journey.
  • When considering the purchase of a Volkswagen Golf R, rest assured that it comes with the assurance of a comprehensive warranty, safeguarding you against any unforeseen issues. It's worth noting a few additional details:
  • The warranty is applicable in both the UK and the Republic of Ireland.
  • It's transferable to subsequent owners, adding to the vehicle's value and appeal.
  • To ensure the continued coverage of the warranty, it's essential to adhere to the Volkswagen service schedule and keep your vehicle properly maintained. This way, you can enjoy the full benefits of this comprehensive warranty package.


**Please note that some vehicle details and features will vary, so always check with us when you are ready to order.


Amazing Price


Volkswagen Golf Hatchback 8 2.0 TSI 320 7speed R DSG 4Motion MRRP £44,170 - UK Car Discount Price - £40,212 + Paint - UK Car Discount saving £3,959 off RRP



Premium Safety Features


Integrating these advanced safety systems forms an exceptional safety package within the Volkswagen Golf R Model. This guarantees that drivers and passengers are exceptionally well-protected in a wide range of accidents and emergencies.


  • Image of the Rear of a Volkswagen GolfABS+HBA (Anti-lock Braking System with Hydraulic Brake Assist): ABS prevents the wheels from locking during emergency braking, ensuring the driver maintains steering control. HBA enhances braking power during sudden stops. These features work together to create a comprehensive safety net, ensuring that drivers and passengers are well-protected in various situations, from collisions to potential emergencies.
  • Alarm with Interior Protection: This security feature triggers an alarm if an unauthorised attempt to enter or tamper with the vehicle is detected.
  • Driver Airbag: The driver airbag is a safety device that inflates rapidly during a collision to protect the driver from impacting hard surfaces within the vehicle.
  • Driver Alert System: This system monitors drivers' behaviour for signs of fatigue or inattention and provides alerts or prompts to ensure they stay focused on the road.
  • Electronic Engine Immobiliser: This anti-theft device prevents the engine from starting unless the key or transponder is present.
  • Image of a Volkswagen Golf Mk8 - Front ViewFront Assist: Front Assist uses sensors to monitor the distance to the vehicle in front and can intervene with braking if a collision is imminent.
  • Front Passenger Airbag: Similar to the driver airbag, this inflates rapidly to protect the front passenger during a collision.
  • Lane Assist: Lane Assist uses cameras to detect if the vehicle drifts out of its lane and provides corrective steering input to keep it on course.
  • Lane Change Assist: This system aids in lane changes by monitoring blind spots and providing visual or auditory alerts if it detects a vehicle in the adjacent lane.
  • Pare Tyre: Space Saver: A space-saver spare tyre is a smaller, temporary spare tyre designed for short-term use in the event of a flat tire. It allows the driver to continue driving until a proper replacement can be obtained.
  • Side Assist+Traffic Jam Assist: Side Assist helps monitor blind spots, while Traffic Jam Assist provides semi-automated driving assistance in congested traffic.
  • Side/Center Airbag in Front + Curtain Airbag: The airbags are designed to deploy both from the side and centre of the vehicle, effectively shielding occupants in case of a side impact or rollover incident.
  • Travel Assist With Emergency Including Side Assist: Travel Assist combines adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist to provide semi-automated driving. It can also include side assist for added safety.


Performance, Safety, and Exceptional Build Quality: The 2024 Volkswagen Golf R

Image of a Golf R BootElegance, practicality, and exhilarating performance seamlessly converge in the 2024 Volkswagen Golf R. With its contemporary, athletic design, accentuated by alloy wheels and sophisticated LED headlights, this hatchback exudes a modern charm—step inside to discover a spacious, comfortable cabin that accommodates up to five passengers and their belongings. The Golf R boasts an array of standard features, including an intuitive touchscreen infotainment system, navigation capabilities, and parking sensors. Optional features like a panoramic sunroof or a premium 9-speaker Harman Kardon sound system are available for those seeking additional performance or luxury.

Under the bonnet, the Golf R houses a turbocharged 2.0-litre engine, delivering a robust 315 horsepower and an impressive 310 pound-feet of torque. This powertrain propels the Golf R from 0 to 62 mph in a thrilling 4.7 seconds, ensuring an electrifying driving experience. Further enhancing its capabilities, the Golf R is equipped with all-wheel drive, providing exceptional traction even in adverse weather conditions.

The Golf R doesn't compromise on efficiency either, achieving an impressive fuel economy of 35.8 mpg combined while emitting only 178 g/km of CO2. It's fully compliant with the latest Euro 6 emissions standards, showcasing Volkswagen's commitment to environmental responsibility.


Whether you seek style, performance, or practicality, the 2024 Volkswagen Golf R perfectly synthesises these attributes. It's a versatile, high-performance hatchback that caters to a wide range of driving preferences and lifestyles.


Volkswagen Golf R Excellence: An Unmatched Driving Experience

Unleash the unmatched driving excellence of the 2023 Volkswagen Golf R, now available at an amazing price of just £40,212 – a substantial discount of £3,959, thanks to UK Car Discount. This R model seamlessly blends sophistication, performance, and practicality, making it an ideal companion for daily commutes or weekend getaways.

Loaded with premium features, the Golf R boasts a state-of-the-art touchscreen infotainment system, advanced navigation capabilities, and responsive parking sensors. Additionally, it comes standard with an array of cutting-edge safety technologies, including automatic emergency braking and lane departure warning.

Powering the Golf R is a turbocharged 2.0-litre engine, producing an impressive 320 PS and 310 pound-feet of torque. This enables the Golf R to accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in 4.7 seconds. All-wheel drive ensures stability and control, even on wet or slippery surfaces.

With an impressive fuel economy of 35.8 mpg combined, the Golf R provides an exhilarating driving experience without compromising efficiency.

The 2023 Volkswagen Golf R exemplifies a vehicle that offers the best of both worlds. Seize this exceptional opportunity to own this remarkable vehicle at an attention-grabbing price. Experience excellence today.


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Volkswagen Golf R Rivals


Image of an Audi A3 front Grille in BlackVolkswagen Golf R vs. Ford Focus RS

The Volkswagen Golf R and the Ford Focus RS are high-performance hot hatchbacks offering a thrilling driving experience. The Golf R has a slightly more powerful engine, but the Focus RS has an arguably more engaging driving experience. The Golf R is also more practical, with a larger boot and rear legroom.

Volkswagen Golf R vs. Audi S3

The Volkswagen Golf R and the Audi S3 are both high-performance hatchbacks that offer a luxurious interior and a refined driving experience. The Golf R is slightly more affordable, but the S3 has a more powerful engine and upmarket interior.

Volkswagen Golf R vs. Mercedes-AMG A35

The Volkswagen Golf R and the Mercedes-AMG A35 are high-performance hatchbacks offering a sporty driving experience and a luxurious interior. The Golf R is slightly more affordable, but the A35 has a more powerful engine and distinctive design.

Volkswagen Golf R vs. BMW M135i

The Volkswagen Golf R and the BMW M135i are high-performance hatchbacks offering a thrilling driving experience and a luxurious interior. The Golf R is slightly more affordable, but the M135i has a more powerful engine and engaging driving experience.


Ultimately, the best hot hatchback for you depends on your needs and preferences. When deciding, consider factors such as size, practicality, performance, fuel economy, budget, and brand preference.


Find out more by clicking the link: Volkswagen Golf Hatchback 8 2.0 TSI 320 7speed R DSG 4Motion


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