ULEZ - Ultra Low Emissions Zone Info

What is the new ULEZ Charge?

Close of car exhaust with emissionsULEZ or Ultra Low Emissions Zone is replacing London’s T-Charge and will come into operation from 8th April 2019. Note that the ULEZ charge it is in addition to London’s Congestion Charge.  The applicable area is the same as the current Congestion Area but it will be expanded in 2021 to most of the London area within the North and South Circular roads.

By 2025 the requirements for exemption will be hybrid and electric vehicles only.

The ULEZ charge’s primary purpose is to reduce pollution/toxic emissions in the capital city and encourage motorists to drive ‘cleaner’ vehicles.

Other majors cities in the UK are set to follow suit with their own 'pollution tax'.

How Much is The ULEZ Charge?

The ULEZ charge will be £12.50 per day and the ULEZ Zone will be in operation 24 hours a day, 7 day a week. This means some drivers could be charged a total of £24 each day they enter the zone (taking into account the additional £11.50 London Congestion Charge).

Which Vehicles Will Be Hit By The New London ULEZ Charge?

The charge will apply to vehicles that do NOT meet the EURO 6 emissions standard.  EURO 6 brought, more effective ‘real world’ testing to the motoring world amid concerns about the levels of toxic pollutants and particulates older diesels were emitting.

Check if your car is exempt from the ULEZ chargeIf you own a pre-September 2015 diesel car or a pre-September 2016 diesel van then you are likely to be affected by the charge. Manufacturers have been working hard over the last few years introducing  particulate filters and other technology to diesels to make sure they meet EURO6 standards. Petrol cars and vans are only affected If they do not meet the older EURO4 emissions standard which means they would need to be 13 years or older to be subject to the charge in most cases.

If you are unsure, you can check to see if your vehicle is exempt from the new ULEZ charge here.

Who Else Is Exempt from the ULEZ Charge?

People living in the ULEZ designated zone will get a three-year grace period until October 2021, hopefully giving enough time to change their current car if it doesn’t meet the ULEZ standard.

Vehicles with a disabled/disabled passenger tax class will be exempt until October 2025.

London licensed taxis are exempt (with the caveat that their vehicles must not be more than 15 years old).

If you’d like more advice you can contact us at UK Car Discount on 0161 946 3500 or use the advanced search functions on our website, locate the car of your choice and look under the ‘Technical Data’ tab where you’ll be able to confirm if the vehicle is EURO 6 complaint in the ‘Emissions – ICE' section (see example screenshot below):