New Citroen Concept Car At Franffurt Motor Show

Published Date: 26th Jun 2005

A stunning new Citroen concept car will be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show this year.

It certainly looks the part with sharp, sleek lines and aluminium detailing that looks like something straight out of the latest Sci-Fi blockbuster.

Its large, down turned air intake and elongated headlamps have a touch of Aston Martin about them while 19 inch alloys and flared wheel arches complete the look.

While it is unlikely that the new Citroen C-Sportlounge will make it to production in its current form, it does hint at what we can expect from the cheap new Citroen Xsara Picasso.

The C-Sportlounge is loosely based on the cheap new Citroen C4 with its futuristic, typically Citroen design and refined imaginative interior. It is currently available in either as a hatchback or sporty coupe.

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The cheap new Citroen C4 is available either on low cost finance schemes, or at discounts of up to ?3,200 through online new car sales.

The Frankfurt Motor Show runs from September 12th to 25th and the list of previously unseen cars is growing. As well as the new Citroen the new Vauxhall Astra VRX and new Renault SUV will also break cover for the first time.