Vauxhall Zafira Fire Worries – 220,000 cars re-called

Vauxhall have put out a nationwide re-call of 220,000 Zafira B models following freak fires around the country.

This follows reports from Vauxhall Zafira owners that their car are catching fire all my themselves. The models affected and being re-called are those built between 2004 and 2015 with manual air conditioning or no air conditioning. The recall does not affect the Zafira A model or the latest generation model.


We can report that no less than 71 cases have been dealt with by the city of London Fire department in the last 2 years alone.

The problem has yet to be pin pointed by Vauxhall as of yet, but they have suggested that it could be linked to the blower motor resistors and thermal fuses. It is believed by Vauxhall that cheap and non-genuine part could have been used to replace the thermal fuses etc. If true, it could have compromised and caused the flash fires in the Vauxhall Zafira B models.

new zafira


Vauxhall’s Managing Director Rory Harvey explains that “Safety is Vauxhall’s key Priority” He goes on to explain the process of getting your car checked out in the video below. he comes across very genuine and assured customers that Vauxhall are doing everything in their power to resolve the problem.

Short Q&A from Vauxhall –

Q and A


Q. Which Zafiras are affected?

A. Only right-hand-drive Zafira B models are affected, built between 2005 and 2014. Only vehicles fitted with manual air conditioning, or that have no air conditioning, are involved.


Q. Are there any exceptions in this group?

A. First owners of these cars who have never experienced a problem with the heating/ventilation system, and have never had repairs made in this area, should not be at risk of fire.


Q. What about the Zafira A and current Zafira Tourer – is there a risk to these models?

A. No, these models are not affected.


Q. What is causing the fires in Zafira Bs?

A. We have found evidence of improper repairs to blower motor resistors and their thermal fuses, which are designed to protect the blower motor system. However, analysis is still ongoing to get to the root cause. We need to analyse a significant number of vehicles in order that a robust fix can be generated based on facts.


Q. What action has Vauxhall taken to deal with this problem?

A. A cross-functional task force was established as soon as we were alerted to the scale of the fires. Through general awareness from Watchdog reports and social media activity, customers have been visiting Vauxhall dealers for inspection of the heating and ventilation system free of charge. Suspect parts have been replaced.


Q. What is the next step?

A. We are now writing formally to all 220,000 relevant Zafira B owners, using name and address data provided by the DVLA. The letter will ask owners to arrange to visit their local Vauxhall dealer for an inspection of the vehicle’s heating and ventilation system. Any suspect parts will be replaced free of charge and the vehicle returned to the customer in a safe operating condition. If a part is not available, and the vehicle has to be left with the dealer, we will consider the customer’s onward mobility requirements.


Q. How soon will customers receive this letter?

A. Letters will be sent from November 12th in a staged process. However, due to the number of vehicles involved it will take a period of time to inspect every vehicle.


Q. What will happen when you have finally found the root cause of the problem?

A. If any further work is required as a result of our investigations into the root cause, we will contact customers again and ask them to bring their vehicles into dealerships.