Nissan Hits Electric Milestone

Nissan now have over 500 electric taxis on the road around Europe, leading the way for electric cars in the transport industry

  • Nissan has more around 550 electric taxis on European roads today, making Nissan Europe’s biggest-selling manufacturer of e-taxis
  • The latest of many deals struck by Nissan sees a Hungarian taxi company buy 65 Nissan LEAFs
  • Nissan have delivered more than 100 e-taxis so far in 2015

Nissan is leading the electric revolution with more than 550 electric taxis now on the road in Europe. Taxi drivers are some of the most demanding users with the highest mileage, reinforcing the reliability and versatility of Nissan electric vehicles.

So far in 2015, more than 100 electric cars have been delivered to taxi firms around Europe, which makes Nissan the highest-selling car maker of electric taxis. The sucessful growth electric taxis looks set to continue, as its popularity has started to take hold in Eastern Europe. Green Lite Taxi Kft., based in Budapest, has just purchased a hefty 65 Nissan LEAFs in a bid to become Hungary’s largest zero emission taxi fleet. To power its pioneering franchise, CEO Örs Lévay has installed seven quick chargers within the city, showing the confidence they have in electric cars.

nissan leaf

Örs Lévay explained: “We are delighted to be the first taxi company in Hungary to go 100 percent electric and the 199 km range means we only need to charge our taxis once during a shift. Along with the large savings on fuel and maintenance, the Nissan LEAF is very smooth to drive and almost silent, which means a more enjoyable journey for my customers and the drivers say typical 10 hour shifts are less tiresome.”

In eastern Europe (Estonia), it has been reported that the Nissan LEAF owned by taxi firm, Elektritakso, has notched up over 218,000 km on its original battery pack, this showcases the high quality, durability and reliability of Nissan’s electric battery pack. In total, there are 80 electric taxis and counting in Estonia, whilst in Lithuania, Nissan is poised to deliver its first eight 100 per cent electric taxis to the Smart Taxi Company, based in the country’s capital, Vilnius, for late 2015. And with the launch of the new 30 kWh Nissan LEAF, taxi drivers can travel 26 percent further making it an even more attractive choice for taxi companies.

Nissan electric vehicles - which include the Nissan LEAF and the e-NV200, a passenger and light commercial vehicle - are becoming increasingly popular among European taxi businesses, with the Netherlands and the UK topping Nissan’s e-taxi league table.

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