New Car Inspection

Published Date: 24th Nov 2015

Pre Delivery Inspection and Pre Delivery Service

We are often asked by our customers what has been done on a PDI/PDS, as many of our customers feel like nothing has. The PDI is in place to find anything wrong with the car and make sure it is 100% before being delivered to the customer.

The PDI process and its contents will differ between manufacturers, but it’s a comprehensive check and examination of every aspect of the car. From the inside checking all electrical features and panels to the outside checking for damage, scratches and scuffs. The steering, suspension, engine and braking components are checked and examined from the underside. All fluid levels are checked including oil, brake fluid, coolant, power-steering fluid, gearbox oil and the washer fluid is filled.

Number plates are installed and then a road test is carried out to ensure correct steering wheel position, no abnormal vibrations, squeaks or rattles. Also ensuring the gearshift is good and engine performance is normal.

All This makes for a smooth and hassle free delivery to the customer.