New 1.8-litre supercharged Toyota Yaris GRMN 210

The New Yaris GRMN is powered by a new, 1.8-litre supercharged engine producing more than 210 hp

The new Toyota Yaris GRMN is a full-blooded, authentic and highly tuned hot hatchback, influenced and inspired by Toyota’s return to the World Rally Championship this year with the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing and the Yaris WRC after a 17-year break from competing. The World Rally Championship is the pinnacle of the sport and is sure to provide Toyota with a fresh new challenge and opportunity to further develop its team, explore new adventures, and experience new and challenging road conditions around the globe, helping them to develop even better cars.

The Toyota Yaris GRMN 210’s motorsport influence is shown from every angle in new sporty features that show off the car’s special qualities, both in its driver-focused interior and its exterior design. It has a unique racing paint finish – white with red and black flash detailing on the bonnet and sills, giving the car the feel of thoroughbred rally car.

Yaris front

The European design teams were given the responsibility of putting together this new Yaris GRMN and developing the engine and interior, whereas the chassis and braking system were designed by toyota’s team in Japan. The Production of the New Yaris GRMN will fall to Toyota’s plant in Valenciennes, France.

This is a new venture by Toyota as the GRMN performance models have only previously been sold in Japan; this new Yaris GRMN is the first to be sold in Europe and will be on sale from the start of 2018.

New Supercharged engine

The Yaris GRMN is a unique hot hatch and will be powered by a new supercharged engine. The highly responsive 1.8-litre engine will produce more than 210 PS (207 bhp), driving the front wheels in tandem with a six-speed manual gearbox and giving it best-in-class times both for the sprint from 0 to 100 km/h and acceleration from 80 to 120 km/h in fourth gear.

yaris rear

Racing Chassis and suspension

To make sure the Toyota Yaris engine’s power is transformed into a real rewarding drive, the design team has installed a reinforced chassis with additional bracing, including an additional bar between the suspension towers at the front of the car.

The Yaris GRMN is rewarded from suspension tuned through extensive testing on the iconic Nürburgring track with great influence from Toyota GAZOO Racing’s motorsport division, in addition a Torsen limited-slip differential for better traction and handling has been installed. A set of shorter springs allow the car to stick to the road more closely and these are teamed with a set of shock absorbers developed with Sachs and a larger diameter stabiliser bar at the front.

Toyota has also fitted this new hot hatch with high spec performance brakes, with large ventilated discs and four-pot front callipers.

Sports styling design

The New Yaris GRMN benefits from performance credentials that are clearly broadcast by its design and styling. It is offered exclusively in the three-door model and it sits on BBS 17-inch multi-spoke alloys and is fitted with a bespoke black rear spoiler.

New design features include: new dedicated front and rear bumper designs, a newly-designed rear diffuser and a distinctive centre exhaust tailpipe.

The interior of the car is mirror expression of the Yaris GRMN’s performance focus, with front sports seats designed exclusively for the Yaris by Toyota Boshoku, giving the best-in-class body holding and support.

yaris interior

The Toyota Yaris GRMN has authentic performance details including a small, leather-wrapped steering wheel – which you would see on the Toyota GT86 – this incorporates a centre line mark to help the driver with accurate car maneuvering and positioning. There are also aluminium sports pedals and a new redesigned combi meter that reflects the car’s racing character.