McLaren Demand fires profits to a new level after selling 248 £1m P1 Supercars

Published Date: 4th Aug 2015

British made cars are in demand more than ever. McLaren show healthy profits and figures for last year. McLaren cars are now sold in over 30 countries.

  • Car sales reached 1,649 in 2014 - up 20 percent on previous year
  • McLaren sold 248 P1 supercars that start at £1m
  • McLaren’s cheapest car starts at £126,000
  • Profits increases 233 percent to £15m
  • Sales grew 67 percent to £475.5m
  • Increase workforce to 1,283 personnel

McLaren Sell 1,649 cars in 2014

McLaren have benefited from the desire of British mad cars, customers from all over the world flocked to their nearest Mclaren retailer to snap up a brand new supercar. Figures show that the British car maker sold a total of 1,649 cars in 2014 – a record breaking year in terms of numbers. The growth is in the region of 20% and this is expected to increase year on year for the foreseeable future.

248 McLaren P1’s sold in 2014

The McLaren P1 is one of the most desirable cars on the planet at the moment, and it shows no sign of slowing down as McLaren are still fulfilling pre-orders for the £1m Supercar. The McLaren P1 accounted for over 50 percent of sales for the year.


'The P1 has done an excellent PR job for us', explained Mike Flewitt, who also admits that this car - 375 sold, each with a price approaching £1 million - is a significant contributor to the company's profits.




McLaren’s cheapest car - 540c - £126,000

It is named after its power output, this 533bhp McLaren 540C joins the 570S in McLaren’s new Sports Series line up. Each model is less powerful, less complex, and because of this, less expensive than McLaren‘s Super Series’ segment of the 650S and 675 LT and also the 625C sold exclusively in Asia.


The McLaren 540c weights just 1311kg, which gives the 540c a power to weight ratio of 406 bhp per tonne. The 540c comes with combined mpg of 25.5 and emits 258/km of CO2. The car can get from 0-62 mph in just 3.5 seconds and takes 10.5 seconds to reach 124 mph.

McLaren Profits Rocket by 233 Percent

The McLaren P1 helped the British Car Maker reach a new level of profit, The 248 p1’s sold have contributed to £15 Million profit McLaren made over the last year. This is up from just £4.5 million the previous year. The 233 percent rise in profits shows the potential that McLaren have in the super car market. They will look to rival Ferrari and Lamborghini over the next few years.

Sales at McLaren close to half a Billion Pounds

Turnover at McLaren reached £475.5m last year; this was an increase of 67 percent over the previous year. This was down to the amount of cars that McLaren managed to shift and are now looking to new heights, they predict that the will sell close to 4,000 units next year.

McLaren Increase Personnel  

We have seen the success in Formula 1, and now McLaren have turned their focus to Road cars, more specifically sports cars. McLaren continues to thrive as a car-maker and the range of supercars on offer expands year on year. This has seen the need for more staff, and McLaren recently increased its workforce to 1283 to cope with the demand for these British designed supercars.