Ford Price Increase 1st September 2016

Ford is increasing its prices on all models across the range in tandem with the release of the new 66 Plate on the 1st September 2016. This happens every year and we encourage all our customers to get their orders for the new 66 Plate in as soon as possible to avoid the price increase. This coupled with the new (VED) road Tax due to start in April 2017 should be an encouraging catalyst to get your order in sooner rather than later.   

  • Price increase to come into effect from 1st September 2016

  • Increases range from £150 to £800

  • Order now to avoid the price increase

Ford has historically increased prices every year in September and we have historically encouraged our customers to order their shiny new 66 Plate before 1st September to avoid the disappointment of paying a higher price. We are taking orders on a daily basis for the New Ford Fiesta, New Ford Focus, New Ford Mondeo, New Ford Edge and New Ford Galaxy. Don’t delay and suffer paying the higher price for your new 66 Plate ford – Call us today on 0161 946 3500 or submit an enquiry on the website and we’ll call you back.

Ford Fiesta - £150

Ford B-Max - £250

Ford EcoSport - £400

Ford Mondeo - £350

Ford S-Max - £750

Ford Galaxy - £800

Ford Edge - £750

Ford Torneo - £ 300




Ford Price Increases – Effective 1st September 2016  



Ford Fiesta Price Increase - £150

New Ford Fiesta Discounts - Save upto £4,300

ford fiesta

Ford B-Max Price Increase - £250

New Ford B-Max Discounts - Save upto £3,300

Ford B-max


Ford Mondeo Price Increase - £350

New Ford Mondeo Discounts - Save upto £6,400



Ford S-Max Price Increase - £750

New Ford S-Max Discounts - Save upto £6,900

ford s-max


Ford Galaxy Price Increase - £800

New Ford Galaxy Discounts - Save upto £7,400

ford galaxy


Ford Edge Price Increase - £750

New Ford Edge Discounts - Save upto £4,700

ford edge