Volvo Brings Life Paint back to the shelves

Published Date: 21st Dec 2016

Volvo is not only thinking about the safety of its drivers and cars but for those that prefer to cycle. The safety spray is purely designed to increase the visibility and safety of cyclists on the road during these short days. Available to buy and order online for the very first time, the release coincides with the shortest day of the year - Wednesday the 21st of December.

A single cyclist riding at night with the life paint on his bike,shoes,helmet and backpack

The Life Paint is a highly reflective spray based coating that can be used on anything , anything coated with life paint will look illuminated in the dark with a little bit of light. The coating is completely invisible during normal daylight, but when night falls the paint reflects light in the same direction of the light source.

What can you use the Life Paint on?

The spray is most effective at sticking to materials made up of little fibres like fleece, cotton linen and nylons. It can also be used for shoes, prams, and children’s schoolbags. Dog collars and leashes and other safety equipment like cycle helmets.

Volvo is working in partnership with the makers of Life Paint Albedo100, to distribute the reflective product online and via the dealer network.

Three cylist all sat on their bike at night with the reflective life paint on thier bikes,shoes,helmet and clothes

The Managing Director of Volvo Car UK Jon Wakefield said “Life Paint is another example of Volvo’s human-centric approach to safety. Not only are we a world leader in safety technology for our cars, by offering this innovative spray online, we’re helping to protect more people on our roads than ever, whether they drive a Volvo or not.”

The re-release is being backed up by a big digital advertising campaign on the small digital billboards that you see in and around public transport locations like train stations and bus stops.  

Available to buy online and in Volvo dealerships from today