Toyota January Price Increase

Toyota is due to increase prices in the New Year because of market changes, the price increase still gives Toyota a competitive stance against competitors.

Toyota are to introduce new 2017 models and pricing and following changes in market it has been essential to raise prices on a number of models. The overall price that Toyota offers is still very competitive as many other manufacturers have already applied greater price increases.

Toyota January Price increases

Toyota Yaris +£220

Toyota Yaris Hybrid +£220

Toyota Auris New Model coming

Toyota Auris Hybrid New Model coming

Toyota Verso New Model coming

Toyota Avensis +£220

Toyota Rav4 +£450

Toyota Prius Family +£500

Toyota Landcruiser +£465

Toyota GT86 +£465

UK Car Discount Price protection

Any orders placed on or before 28th December will be price protected, this does not include the new model Toyota Auris and Toyota Verso. New car orders placed after the 28th December 2016 will be ordered at the new price. So as long as you get your order in before the 28th December 2016, the January price increase won’t affect you at all.