Top 5 New Car Adverts

Published Date: 25th Sep 2015

Top 5 New Car Adverts

There are many new car adverts around; many are designed to capture our imagination and others to make us think “I want that car”. There have been a lot of great new car adverts over the years, which made this list of the top 5 very difficult to put together. And here’s the list we put together of the top 5 new car advert.


Volkswagen Passat

In this comical Volkswagen/Star Wars Collaboration, you see a young emphatic child dressed as Darth Vader. And Darth Vader is trying to hone his telepathy skills by practicing around the house. Darth struggles at first but then eventually makes a break through.


Citroen C4

The Citroen C4 is a great car and this advert had all of the transformers fans on the edge of there seats. It captured the imagination of all the children and big kids in us. The French Manufacturer absolutely nailed it with this advert.


Volkswagen Golf

The Volkswagen golf has been among the most reliable cars in the world for some time now. The popularity and staying power has been testement to Volkswagen's success.


Honda Accord

It's all about the car in this advert, as a domino style stampede occurs using all the parts of the Honda Accord.


Audi RS3

This advert is a little imaginative, but the visual effects are fantastic, a real delight on the eyes.