Top 5 most expensive cars 2015 – No.2

Published Date: 17th Jul 2015

This list is all about the money, speed and power. We have cars from different corners of the globe and all of them have 1 thing in common – They are insanely expensive.

We’re down to No.2 on our list and things are only going to get faster, more powerful and more expensive of course.

So let’s get to it with No.2 on our list………..

No.2 – Lykan Hypersport              


The Dubai based company W Motors are planning to make seven of these. The Lykan Hypersport is powered by a flat 6 twin-turbo engine, which produces 750 horsepower, and takes you from 0 to 60 in 2.8 seconds with an estimated top speed of 245 mph.

You can catch the Lykan Hypersport in Fast & Furious 7, as Dom takes a flight of destruction in the Lykan Hypersport at the Etihad Towers, a luxury skyscraper complex in Abu Dhabi. With only seven of these supercars in existence, you can be sure it was an expensive and nervy day of filming.

At the front of your 245 mph beast is a pair of headlights bedazzled with freaking diamond—420 of them, totaling15 carats, mounted on a titanium accent piece.



Price - £2,000,000

Power – 770 BHP

0-62 mph – 2.8 SECONDS

Top Speed - 240 MPH


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