New Volkswagen SUV

Published Date: 2nd Feb 2015

Volkswagen has announced that it will take on the new Nissan Juke with a new Polo-like SUV, We have some images of how the car could look.


This new VW SUV is yet to be named but will sit below the Tiguan in the line-up, will use the VW Group’s flexible MQB architecture and be offered in front-wheel drive only to begin with. It is likely to spawn SEAT and Skoda equivalents, and will add another model to VW’s line-up as it launches a major assault on the new car SUV market.

Dr Heinz-Jakob Neuser, board member for technical development at VW commented: “A B-segment crossover would fit very nicely into our generous range”.  

“In the future we will have a minimum of one SUV in each segment – from the top-line SUV (Touareg) to MQB-based models and a number of derivatives including a Golf SUV and a Polo SUV. Core markets for the Polo SUV will be China, South America and Europe.”

President and CEO of VW Group of America, Michael Horn, told us: “Car companies are producing SUVs like crazy at the moment. We have to get the next Tiguan and mid-size SUV right, but then there is room for derivatives – whether that’s models which are priced upwards or downwards”.

“We need to be able to react quickly to what the market is doing and what customers want in each segment.”


In the meantime, the smallest SUV VW plans to build is one based on the latest Polo. Neuser announced that the Taigun – a tiny VW up!-based SUV first revealed in 2013 – is still under consideration, with VW executives deciding how popular it would be as a globally released car should it be given the go ahead.

The Polo SUV will join new versions of the VW Tiguan and VW Touareg and two new full-size MQB-based SUVs, a seven-seater and a five-seater mid-size coupé SUV. While the CrossBlue and CrossBlue Coupe are designed for the US and China in the short term, a business case is being built to bring them to Europe, as VW gears up to offer an SUV in every class.