Ford Puma Steering Systems Explained

Published Date: 14th Dec 2023

Image of a Frozen White Ford PumaIn the intricate and ever-evolving realm of automotive engineering, where every component plays a crucial role, the steering system stands out as a pinnacle of importance. It is the vital link between the driver and the machine, ensuring precise control and manoeuvrability. Ford, a renowned name synonymous with innovation, enhances the driving experience with two ground-breaking steering systems in the Ford Puma: Emergency Steering Assist and Adaptive Steering. These cutting-edge technologies, meticulously designed and engineered, redefine the very dynamics of steering, providing unparalleled responsiveness and safety. With Emergency Steering Assist, the system intelligently assists the driver in critical situations, helping to avoid potential hazards and ensuring confidence on the road.

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Meanwhile, Adaptive Steering adapts to the driving conditions, seamlessly adjusting the steering ratio for optimal handling and comfort. These revolutionary advancements elevate the driving experience and serve as invaluable safety companions, empowering drivers with enhanced control and peace of mind. Ford Puma, a true embodiment of innovation and engineering excellence, sets new standards in automotive technology, ushering in a new era of driving pleasure and safety.


The Essence of Steering Safety:


Steering is more than just turning a wheel; it's the lifeline of control and safety on the road. As vehicles become more sophisticated, steering systems evolve to enhance convenience and, more importantly, protection. The Ford Puma, a stellar example of contemporary automotive design, incorporates two cutting-edge steering technologies that revolutionise how drivers navigate and respond to potential hazards.


1 - Ford Emergency Steering Assist: Your Guardian on the Road


Navigating Around Danger:


Image of UK Road Closed SignsIn the fast-paced world of modern traffic, where unforeseen obstacles can present considerable difficulties, the Ford Emergency Steering Assist system emerges as a vigilant guardian. Utilising a combination of cutting-edge radar and camera technologies, this advanced system diligently identifies slower-moving or stationary vehicles that lie in the vehicle's trajectory. When a potential collision becomes imminent, the Emergency Steering Assist provides invaluable steering assistance, empowering the driver with precise control to navigate the obstacle and effectively evade a collision. With its unwavering commitment to safety, the Ford Emergency Steering Assist system offers heightened confidence and peace of mind for every journey.

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Activated by Instinct:


This advanced technology is not simply a passive observer; it springs into action with lightning speed when the driver initiates evasive manoeuvres in critical situations. In those cases where braking alone may not be adequate to avoid a collision, Emergency Steering Assist serves as a guiding hand, augmenting the driver's capability to navigate away from danger expertly.

By leveraging sophisticated sensors and real-time data analysis, this innovative system can accurately assess the surrounding environment and identify potential hazards with remarkable precision. Its ability to anticipate and react swiftly to imminent threats transforms potential disasters into near misses, providing an extra level of protection and peace of mind.

With its cutting-edge safety measures and advanced algorithms, this technology enhances the driver's confidence and instils a sense of security for passengers. It acts as a vigilant co-pilot by constantly monitoring the road conditions and making split-second decisions, working seamlessly with the driver to create a safer driving experience.

From unexpected obstacles to sudden lane changes, this intelligent system is always one step ahead, ready to assist and mitigate potential accidents. Its seamless integration into modern vehicles represents a significant leap forward in automotive safety, setting new standards for road travel in the 21st century.

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2 - Ford Adaptive Steering: Transforming the Driving Experience


Beyond Traditional Power Steering:


Image of the Open Road and a Car Steering WheelAdaptive steering is a ground-breaking technology representing a monumental advancement beyond traditional power steering systems. While power steering has undoubtedly made turning the wheel more manageable, Adaptive Steering takes it to the next level by dynamically adjusting the steering response based on the vehicle's speed. This innovative feature introduces a new dimension to the driving experience, enhancing comfort and control.

With Adaptive Steering, the Ford Puma epitomises effortless manoeuvring and highly responsive driving. Whether navigating tight city streets or driving on open roads, this cutting-edge technology ensures that every turn is executed with utmost precision and confidence. Experience a whole new level of driving pleasure with the Ford Puma and its remarkable Adaptive Steering system.

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Low-Speed Marvel:


Adaptive steering technology, a cutting-edge feature, effectively minimises the number of turns required when driving at low speeds, such as parking or navigating busy city streets. By streamlining manoeuvrability, this innovative system enhances the ease of driving and injects a delightful sense of enjoyment into routine driving scenarios, making every journey a stress-free experience.


High-Speed Harmony:


Image of a Lady in a Car with a KeyAdaptive steering is an advanced technology that optimises the steering ratio in response to the vehicle's speed, resulting in a seamless and highly responsive driving experience. Dynamically adjusting the steering enhances stability, control, and overall driver confidence on the road. With this innovative feature, drivers can enjoy a smoother and more connected feel, allowing for precise manoeuvring and effortless handling. Experience the next level of driving performance with Adaptive Steering.


Tailored Driving Pleasure:


Adding a touch of personalisation, Adaptive Steering offers two distinctive settings to match the driver's preferences perfectly. In Normal Mode, everyday driving becomes more enjoyable as the steering provides a smooth and effortless experience, enhancing comfort and ease on the road. On the other hand, Sport Mode takes the driving experience to the next level by elevating responsiveness, delivering a dynamic and engaging drive that enthusiasts will truly appreciate. Whether you prefer a relaxed commute or an exhilarating journey, Adaptive Steering has you covered with its versatile options.

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Steering into the Future


In steering safety and precision, the Ford Puma emerges as a frontrunner, equipped with technologies that go beyond conventional systems. Whether it's the vigilant assistance of Emergency Steering Assist or the dynamic responsiveness of Adaptive Steering, Ford has redefined the role of steering in modern vehicles. As we navigate the intricate pathways of automotive innovation, the Ford Puma stands as a premium vehicle offering a safer, more connected, and infinitely enjoyable driving future. Stay tuned for more insights into the technological marvels that make the Ford Puma a true trailblazer on the roads.




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