New Stealth Speed Cameras

Published Date: 4th Feb 2014

It’s officially called the Hadecs3Highways Agency digital enforcement camera system – The national newspapers have already dubbed the new speed cameras ‘stealth cameras’, because they are small and grey, rather than bright yellow.

The Newspapers – notably the Daily Mail – has also suggested that the cameras are part of a new plan to enforce the 70mph motorway. This much should be obvious from the name – Hadecsc3 is a replacement for the current Hadecs2 programme. And though it is true that the new devices will be grey, this isn’t any different from most current motorway speed cameras.

What is Different about the new Stealth Camera?

This is part of a new plan and dream of a smart motorway, but at the moment these are policed by the previous model: Hadecs2 cameras. Usually grey, sometimes made less obvious by typical motorway signage, often you won’t spot them until you’ve passed underneath.
The Hadecs3 camera is a little different. Instead of hiding away on a gantry, they will be mounted on their own dedicated pole on the side of the road – They are very similar to the average speed cameras deployed throughout sections of road works.
These new cameras together with the usual speed camera warning signs should actually make them more visible than the current arrangement. The new technology also makes it possible to use a single camera to police more than just one lane, making them even more cost-effective.

Where Will The New Stealth Cameras Be Used?

The Highways Agency has planned to use Hadecs3 to upgrade the existing sections of smart motorway, including some areas on the M1, M6 and M25.
A smart motorway is one where the variable speed limit is enforced. It’s a technique not to catch people out but in order to try to keep the traffic flowing, reducing traffic jams and congestion. Sometimes it can be quicker for everyone to travel at 50mph rather than allowing everyone to go as fast as they want.