Enthusiasts Get Mazda MX-5 Early

The cheap new Mazda MX-5 is being offered to members of the MX-5 Owners Club three months before it goes on sale to the public.

"This is simply great news for us," said Mr Neville-Parry. "The MX-5 has always enjoyed a huge following of enthusiasts in this country, but even we have been surprised by the number of new members ordering cars."

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The new Mazda MX-5 Launch edition comes with exclusive Velocity Red paint, a set of 17-inch alloy wheels and a two litre, 160bhp engine.

However for those who have missed the offer, and cannot wait until November to buy a cheap new Mazda MX-5, online new car sales sites like UK Car Discount are offering the current MX-5 at discounts of up to nearly ?3,000.

The classic drop top has been a firm favourite for over ten years now, with each cheap new Mazda MX-5 offering the same responsive handling, refined power delivery and understated good looks.

Although it has been joined by a host of affordable small soft tops such as the cheap new Ford StreetKa, convertible New Mini and new Peugeot 206 CC the MX-5 still proves as popular as ever.