New Hydrogen Toyota Mirai

Toyota’s hydrogen powered car the Mirai

The Mirai is going to be the first in the UK to qualify for the £5,000 grant offered to zero emission vehicle buyers.  The eligible Car list for the grant is operated by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles or OLEV. They have qualified the Mirai, which makes it the very first such car to benefit from the current scheme. 

Potential Buyers of the new Mirai will have to cough up a staggering £61,000 for the hydrogen motor. This makes it one of the most expensive vehicles of it body type. There is also a lease deal on the Mirai @£750 per month over four years, The leased cost includes the hydrogen and servicing. This still makes it far pricier than other more convenient fossil fuel burning cars of its type.

Toyota is adamant that this is the start of the hydrogen era in the UK. There are just four hydrogen refuelling locations open to the public in the UK right now and they’re all in London and the southeast: Heathrow, Hendon, Swindon and Teddington. Sites in east London and Sheffield are due to open in 2016, but it's still a limited infrastructure that leaves large parts of the country off-limits to hydrogen cars for the time being.