New Auto-pilot mode for Tesla Cars

Published Date: 16th Nov 2015

Tesla has released a new innovative software update for its cars – called Auto-Pilot

  • Autopilot is in every Tesla vehicle that has come out of the factory since September 2014.
  • It Costs $2,500 to purchase
  • The cheapest price for an autopilot-ready Tesla is $72,500

The first time you get in your car and start driving, you can see the image of your Tesla in the centre of the dash. This easy on the eyes display will also, use a vast array of sensors; show all cars that are in close quarters and in your blind spot. When the Auto-Pilot is ready to take over from you, a little wheel icon will appear to show that you are no longer in control of the vehicle. You pull the cruise control button twice and it will appear, assuming it’s ready. It will then go “beep” and begin turning the wheel, showing you on the centre console whether it can see one or both sides of a lane that you’re in.

tesla image

Tesla explains that you have to keep your hands on the wheel and be ready to take over at any time (New York state Law, you are legally required to do this).

When using cruise control, you are open to set the car to a certain speed and the car will accelerate and turn within the lane that you reside in a straight line. It can avoid cars that attempt to swerve into your lane, even avoid objects that it can see, pedestrians or fellow drivers simply trying to swerve into you because you’ll probably have your music turned on full volume and be picking something out of your teeth in the mirror.

It can either follow the car in front or just the road itself. Just like the latest adaptive cruise control - You can also set it to stay a certain number of car lengths away from the car in front of you.

The drive is very comfortable at high speed and low speeds, while driving in normal scenarios that don’t require coming to a stop. This means on the motorway, you can drive practically hands-free.

For city driving, this way of life is not very useful, as the car struggles to turn a corner in this environment. On the flip side, if you’re driving on the motorway, this car will take you from A to B with no hassle whatsoever and will probably to a better job than you. This also includes stop-start traffic situations, where this car will take you through the most frustrating part of driving with ease.

For anyone that a daily commute via motorways, this is golden. The stop/start culture of our UK motorways during rush hour and beyond will feel like you’re being chauffeured rather than driving yourself. And if you are thinking you can get through some levels on candy crush, you’d be wrong, as you can’t have your mobile device in hand even though it would seem like a perfectly rational idea as you’re not the one driving.


If the car ever got confused or uncertain, it would have a fit and beep loudly to prompt you to take full control again. The Auto-Pilot is great for those who would use it, but I’d say it still needs a little work.