Buying a New Jaguar? Buy a steering wheel?

Jaguar has plans for the future where the customer will no longer have access to just one new car but multiple vehicles.

Sayer, The future of new car ownership

A concept of sayer the new future of car ownership by Jaguar

The new own a steering wheel concept ready to be revealed later this week will change the future of motoring.  “The connected steering wheel could be the only part of the car you own” says Jaguar. The intelligent, connected and futuristic steering wheel for a new generation will be on show at Tech Fest in London.

This new concept is designed to be with you at your home and is your trusted companion for ordering an available automated car for the journey ahead. The world’s first artificial intelligent and voice controlled steering wheel called Sayer.

The whole idea is that you chat with Sayer and plan your whole day of meetings and social arrangements. Sayer will then work out when you need to get up and when a car will arrive to take you around wherever you need to be all from just talking to it. Having the steering wheel also means you can override the autonomous driving and drive yourself for sections of the journey you enjoy.

Sayer’s construction and design definitely resembles what we may see in the years to come and is named after Malcolm Sayer who worked for the British company between 1951 and 1970. He was one of Jaguar’s key designers originally from an aerospace design background he implemented this into the cars he worked on, including the very famous E-type and the Le Mans winning C-type.

A picture of the iconic E type Jaguar designed by Malcolm Sayer.

You can go and see the future of personal transport for yourself for free at Tech Fest on Friday the 7th of September through to Sunday the 10th at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London.