2015 Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake unveiled

The Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake has been unveiled, and is on display at the 2015 Detroit motor show.

The Mercedes Shooting Brake is the last body style to be based on the company's front-drive build. It is set to hit the shelves here in the UK this year, with deliveries expected in March on the new 15 plate. The compact estate has dramatic styling that follows closely in the mould of CLS Shooting Brake and puts greater exposure on style than outright cabin and boot capacity.


In Spite of the stylish curves of the tailgate and the swooping roofline, the seats-up load capacity of the Mercedes Shooting Brake has improved on that of the CLA saloon by around 25 litres, at 495 litres, getting to 1354 litres with the back seats folded. This direction to put this body style into production has given Mercedes a nice advantage over its rivals in the premium estate market, because nor the Audi A3 and the BMW 1-series offers similar.

The CLA Shooting Brake is very closely synced to the CLA saloon. Mercedes have 
said that as well as being almost the same up to the rear seats, the price and spec line-up will be one and the same. Mercedes are releasing four trim levels: Sport, AMG Sport, Engineered by AMG, and AMG. In addition, there is a special-edition model called Orange Art. At launch, the engine line-up consists of two diesel options and four petrols. The most efficient option in the launch line-up, the CLA200 CDI, returns up to 72.4mpg, with CO2 emissions of 101g/km.

Two extra diesel engines will offered, the CLA200 CDI 4Matic and CLA220 CDI 4Matic, and will arrive in September next year just in time for the 65 plate. The four-wheel-drive CLA250 4Matic model will be available only in AMG spec. The biggest changes in standard specification and options are that the Shooting Brake gets an electric tailgate as standard and the option of a load compartment package, which comes with a lockable boot floor and aluminium load rails.

The CLA45 AMG Shooting Brake, Fuelled by a 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine developing 355bhp and 332lb ft, has also been revealed. The engine is described by Mercedes as being the most powerful four-cylinder unit in series production. The CLA45 AMG Shooting Brake is able to reach 62mph in 4.7sec and has a limited top speed of 155mph. The model will make its debut at the 2015 Geneva motor show in March, with UK sales due to start at the same time. Prices are expected to start at around £25,500 and rise to just over £43,000 for the CLA45 AMG version.


Speaking at the 2015 Detroit Motor show, Mercedes-Benz chief designer Gorden Wagener commented: "It is very much a designer's style of car - a very sporting estate that's so much more emotional than a traditional wagon. The new Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake is so expressive, yet has almost the space of a C-class estate."

"Pushing Shooting Brakes is part of the strategy of how we are changing the brand through design - they generate a lot of interest get people in showrooms. They may end up buying something else - but the Shooting Brake is desirable, do desirable that it can pull younger people in."

In some parts of the world, the Mercedes CLA Shooting Brake wins up to 80 per cent of its owners from other Car-makers. 

You can see Mercedes-Benz's new catchy cat advert for the CLA below........