Renault, consider ditching Diesel engines.

The French manufacturer, Renault, has recently admitted that diesel powered engine will be phased out from most of the European model range due to tighter emission standards due to coming from the EU.

The firm has invested heavily in diesel powertrains, along with its home land rival Peugeot and most other manufacturers selling cars in Europe.  Last year 60 per cent of Renault cars sold in Europe had diesel engines.

The New Renault Megane Hatchback

New Renault Megane hatchback

From 2020 the stricter Euro 6, EU emission standards will come into play and any new car will have to pass the test in order to be sold.

Renault are not alone with the idea of dropping diesel engines for the future, earlier in the year Volkswagen Chief Executive Matthias Mueller said "we wonder whether it still makes sense to invest a lot of money in further developing diesel".

Also Volkswagen initiated a together 2025 strategy back in June this year, in an effort to clean up its act after the damage received to the brand during the emissions scandal. The plan for them is to focus on electric and ultra low emission hybrid cars for the future.

VW group hope to bring 30 new electric and plug in hybrids by 2025 as part of the shake up and repairing of the public image.

Renault will probably now focus more on the same venture into hybrids and full electric cars with zero emissions in order to compete with the likes of Volkswagen in Europe.