Oxford Zero Emissions Zone Planned

Oxfordshire County Council and Oxford City Council have outlined their plans to implement the first Zero Emissions Zone (ZEZ) by December 2020.

Car emissionsThe proposal has been in careful planning for some time now in a bid to clean up the environment and air quality in the City of Oxford and is subject to final approval.

Once in place petrol and diesel cars will not be permitted to enter the designated Zero Emissions Zone around the centre of Oxford.  

Zero emissions vehicles will be able to access the rest of Oxford free of charge, whilst lower emissions vehicles that meet London’s current ULEZ (Ultra Low Emissions Zone) CO2 limits will get a discounted access rate. The ULEZ charge is in operation in London every day of the week except Christmas day.

Electric car charging stationPeople frequently traveling in and out of London will be familiar with London’s ULEZ Zone, if you are planning a trip that takes you into the zone and are unfamiliar with ULEZ you can read more here.

The new Oxford ZEZ zone is sure to prompt an upturn in the sale of full electric, hybrid and plug in hybrid (PHEV) vehicles in and around the area.

Other major cities are planning similar zones in the future, albeit not as strict as the London and Oxford areas initially.

Private motorists who currently drive or are thinking of buying a diesel or petrol car need not panic as many of these zones are initially targeting older HGVs, taxis and buses in a bid to target some of the oldest and most polluting diesel vehicles.

In any event of a major City moving towards a low emissions zone model more like London's ULEZ, motorists will get plenty of notice and then after implementation there would be a grace period.